Do you think it's wrong for an American to hate America?

  • Love it or leave it.

    Sure, America has many problems and has a history of doing many bad things and has had many bad people leading it. Sure it is a horrible place to be, unless you compare it to everywhere else. If you feel that some other place is better, by all means, defect and see how that goes.

  • I agree-love it or leave it!

    We are so fortunate to live in America. Every day I am so grateful that I was born here. Sure we have problems here, as does any country, but I can't think of any place that would be better. Why do you think so many people risk their lives to get here? I truly believe that those who hate it should leave.

  • You cant help where you were born

    You cant choose where to be born. I hate it here and want to go to japan my husband went there and it seems awesome. And there are countries where their ppl arent fighting or risking anything to come here....Canada, japan,england,scottland...Probably more. How often do you see these people here to try and escape a bad life...?

  • Not at all

    I do not like America, and before anyone says I should leave, I'd love to, I just can't afford to. I have been to third world countries and didn't want to leave. They aren't spoiled, overly patriotic, and don't worship everything that has to do with their country. Forget the constitution and other silly things like that, you are a human being and have the freedom to love or hate as you please. If you love America, good, if you hate America, good.

  • No, not at all.

    It's our right to think or say what we truly feel. I don't really hate America, but I do hate the politicians that's running the government and some the ignorant, deluded, brainwashed people in it. But if that person feels shame and hatred towards his/her own country, then they have every right to do so.

  • I don't like America

    I do not believe it is wrong for an American to hate America. I am one of those people. I hate what our country has become. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but I really dislike the stupidity that our people deal with every day and that our people have such a chip on their shoulders.

  • No, it's a person's right.

    No, I do not think it is wrong for an American to hate America. America is a free country and people have the right to their feelings. I believe that it's possible for a person to have a really bad experience that can sour them and cause them to hate their country.

  • Freedom of Expression

    It's not wrong for an American to hate America. We have freedom of expression and freedom of thought. Anyone can hate whatever that person wants to hate. Unlike Europe, hate speech isn't banned in America. So long as the hatred doesn't inflict upon or restrict someone else's rights, it is not anyone's place to judge whether or not hating someone's country is a valid feeling.

  • No It's Not

    As an American, I don't care much for my country or the expected way of life here. I don't enjoy saying this, but I think I hate my country. I've joked about moving to Canada or even Belize, but I actually think I might like the change of pace. Everyone here is too concerned about money and everything is so fast paced. I want to enjoy life.

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