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  • No, she has the means to start a family if she chooses—as one of the richest women in Hollywood she can afford to have a baby via adoption or surrogacy and support it.

    What is it with tabloids obsessing over whether or not a woman is pregnant? Jennifer Aniston has been pregnant for years. For almost a decade, tabloids and celeb weeklies have been printing covers with headlines trumpeting the news of her impending motherhood. Whether Aniston has chosen not to have children or simply hasn't chosen to have children yet isn't really any of our business.

  • Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant

    As of 2016 Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant. There have been rumors floating around to the contrary, however Jennifer have denied all of them and stated that she's not. Her spokesman also denied all the allegations and claimed that all the baby bump pictures were misinterpreted and enhanced. Recently Jennifer Aniston made a photo appearance where she clearly has a flat stomach, probably to silence all the gossip.

  • No, I do not believe Jennifer Aniston is pregnant.

    In the 24-hour news cycle, we become obsessed with the latest and greatest news. News agencies are always trying to be first to market with the latest "scoop". With the tendency to report unsubstantiated rumors, I will only believe Jennifer Aniston to be pregnant if/when she, herself announces it to the general public.

  • Jennifer Anniston is too old to be pregnant.

    There are many older woman who, with the help of fertility doctors, have become pregnant. The procedures and treatments to become pregnant create substantial financial, emotional and physical strain. If Jennifer Anniston wanted to become pregnant she would have done so long before now. There is no motivation for Anniston to wait until it would require extreme measure to conceive.

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