Do you think Kids should have more discipline today?

Asked by: broncosrule1999
  • Depends on what you mean by discipline.

    What we need is to learn to teach youth the truth, to bring them up in a way that shows them right from wrong, while also helping them become functioning people. Clearly most forms of discipline and "parental restriction" contribute to the corruption of the Futures as well as their environments. "Reform yourself, and all else will fall in line."

  • The future generations will continue to get worse

    Society has gotten way too sensitive the violence. Bad kids continue to be bad kids because inside they know that parents and teachers cant do much. I am a kid myself and I know how bad this generation is. Teachers cant do sh*t nowadays because of our sensitivity. Bullies continue to be bullies until they are expelled and terrorize another poor soul in another school. This equals more school shooter, suicides, and depression in kids. Why should we add bullies to the list of things we have to deal with?

  • Discipline is a good place to start

    There are many things that needs to change but discipline kids more will be a good place to start. Parents also need to teach kids responsibility and consequences. In short, stop pretending your kid is perfect and can do no wrong. Teachers need to do the same. Stop inflating the students grades. Stop giving them "extra credits" to make up for lost grades.

  • Kids are getting away with way to much now.

    We need more discipline to teach these kids right from wrong, and how to behave. This method of just giving a stern warning is not working. Now i am not saying beat your kids,because that is not okay either. What I am saying is start grounding your kids, take the things they love the most away and only give it back if they prove that they'll stop the bad behavior, and sometimes a light spanking is necessary.

  • Yes because some kids act as if there are no consequences to breaking the rules.

    Kids need more discipline because some kids are just bad. They act out in class or just don't listen. They think they can do whatever they want. And the teachers cant really do much because they are the teacher not their parent. I think its mostly the parents fault because your child should be well behaved and know right from wrong if they are in school they are allowed to make mistakes but not the same mistakes everyday or every other day. But its not all the kids it only a few that do that. They respect the teachers and classmates at least 2 and a half /3 of the time.

  • I don't think there should be more than given?

    I do not think there should be more discipline then given because all you are doing is spanking them you aren't letting them do the bad things and see where it leads to then they will learn not to do that. People may say "oh well we're trying to show them so they they don't end up there" well yes but you're just wasting your energy you might be wasting.

  • No, they should not have ANY discipline.

    This is an uncommon opinion, I believe that children should be treated as similarly to adults as possible, and they should be given as many rights as they can handle as soon as they can handle them, this will push society forward faster.
    The only "discipline" they should receive is the same punishment for breaking the law as an adult would, provided that they are made aware of the laws first, and they should not be treated as inferior beings as they are currently and should not be presided/ruled over by their often-incompetent parents, rather they should be treated as any other human being.
    Ageism is the most severe and prevalent form of discrimination in our society today, and it is mostly towards the young, especially children. They are seen as subhuman imbeciles who are incapable of doing anything for themselves, and seen as undeserving of the basic human rights that all adults receive. It is revolting, and over time, as society progresses, I'm sure children will eventually be treated the way they deserve to be treated, "discipline"-free.

  • What can you do? Start with family, there is nothing more than that.

    As days go by, we grow closer via social media, and that is how ideas are spread today. As ideas are spread, the style of language used by each individual differs and may as well influence others, causing behavior that is not deemed by society as "bad".

    The discipline of one begins from the family, and that means that the family should have the capability to educate the individual and prepare him/her for society. Despite discipline is an act of educating while punishing, the individual should learn from the mistakes properly (talk it out peacefully, no "roasting", or even silent thinking can work) rather being punished physically and mentally (Spanking, naming, taunting, scolding, etc.).

    In short, there is no need for more discipline. Just make sure that you teach what is necessary for them coexist peacefully with the current and future members of society.

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