• Yes, he does.

    Kyle Snyder clearly has a future in professioal wrestling. So far he has proven that he is not only a capable athlete in the ring but that he is a great showman and has an interesting persona that can attract an audience. These are the types of skills that he needs to go far.

  • Yes, Kyle Snyder has a future in professional wrestling,.

    Yes, Kyle Snyder has a future in professional wrestling. With all the awards he has achieved at such a young age and so early in his career, it is testament to his future as a great professional wrestler. In just his three earliest years his record was completely flawless, I think his success rate from the beginning speaks for how he will do in the future as a professional wrestler.

  • He's got the talent if he's got the desire

    For his whole life, Snyder has been a top-notch wrestler, and winning gold in Rio simply cemented his status as one of the best in the world right now. Being so young, Snyder certainly has his options wide open in front of him. However, wrestling is a brutal sport that takes a ton of dedication and work. If Snyder decided to forgo that instead start coaching younger wrestlers, that would be an understandable choice.

  • I don't think so.

    Unfortunately, I do not think that Kyle Snyder has a future in professional wrestling. First off, wrestling is not as possible these days as it was in the past, so the whole market is shrinking. In addition, I don't think that Snyder has enough athleticism or showmanship to get to the top.

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