• I'd say so.

    'Love'. Just mother nature's cruelest trick to get us to reproduce. Nothing more.
    It is overrated, I'd agree with it being just a fantasy that for many people just isn't achievable. It's different with everybody so is it right to just generalise like that? I think not.
    It sets unrealistic expectations in people that just leads to disappointment, because it's portrayed as "perfect", "never ending", which is incorrect because love is not perfect at all, and it ends all the time.

  • It doesn't last.

    Yes, I think that love is overrated, because love does not last. Love is something that people think they have until it is no longer convenient for them. Love is something that people lose easily when the going gets rough. It is an idealist fantasy that people should give up on.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe love is overrated. I think lust is far more powerful because lust is what makes people act. Love is something that has lasting power and that is important, but it shouldn't be considered a requirement. Some people can get enough love from common relationships that they don't need love in the sense most people think.

  • Love is a scam created by disney

    How many people get married and is like i finnally found true love and a few months ater they get divorced. About 30 percent of people. If you claim to be long married person that knows what true love is, than your life is an illusion. All attraction is is our DNA wanting to reproduce. If you disagree than you disagree with science. So go back to the dark ages when they believed in religon, spirits, magic, and true love.

  • It’s so ridiculous..

    Love is fleeting, it can be beautiful but it always turns ugly. It’s not a fairytale- they end but in real life you face so much drama, emotion, turmoil all for the sake of “love” and people go through hell to keep their relationships going for a little while longer. In the end it’s not worth it.. But if you want that go for it so long as you know it’s not unicorns and rainbows!

  • Love is junk

    Love is a notion which is simply fed to us to test our patience. No body can be perfect and love without conditions. There is no happily ever after. Lust drives us, commitment binds us and personal upbringing keeps us sane. One mistake and love runs out of window proving that it was always a junk which leaves you aching.

  • What do you mean by 'love' ?

    What I find so incredibly strange is that people start answering this question without there being an agreement on what is meant here by 'love'. Apparently everybody seems to think that their interpretation of love is the correct one ... . As with everything it is far more productive to first define what 'love' is and then start giving opinions. Now it is just some chaos of everybody's very personal interpretation and opinion on 'love'. For some 'love' is 'wanting someone', for other it is 'caring about someone', for others it is physical, mental or emotional attraction, for others it is devotion, for others it is accepting everything from someone, for others it is spending your life with someone no matter what, etc etc. This kind of question is of the type like 'Do you believe in God ?' Well, what do you mean by 'God' ? Most people don't ask that question, they immediately start giving their opinion ...

  • Love is overrated heavily by the media;

    Their have been many types of love but romantic love is nothing to fret about. It has always been lesser than the love fore ones self or family. People will fall out of love all the time for love is more specifically the romantic one is not as grandiose as people would like it to appear.
    Just keep in mind another's love should not be your source of happiness then what would happen when they withdraw that love? Regardless No one can truly bring you happiness but yourself.

  • Not only it's overrated. It sometimes has to die.(In modern words.)

    1. It depends on who you love. Love should definitely be dead when you have Stockholm syndrome. Or you love evil person or etc.
    2. Can somebody perfectly see or tell love and lust? I think we can actually have lust seeing i love someone. Some couples of course love each other very first met, but that's just some of all cases.
    3. Love is too weak because trusts can be broken with time or case, even if it's that person or couple who broke trusts.
    4. It can be a huge disaster to someone when involving between lovers, or among lovers. I see many cases loving each other become s a weapon to kill or harm. This is why love must have died before things go south.

  • True love is overrated

    True love is overrated because u can never really find true love cause it isn't real it was never real the only true love you will ever find is God cause he will always be there and I never had a true love cause it's fake and I will never find one

  • No, love is not overrated. Lust is.

    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

  • All Kinda of Love

    Their are many kinda of love. Most people experience to joy of famial love and companion love. However, with romantic love, it must turn from passionate love to compassionate love to last. It takes lots of work and not all couples are the fantasy couples, but they can make it last. The most important part is: you needed to be friends.

  • No, love is not overrated.

    I do not think that love is overrated. I think that it is something that most people will never experience. But I do think that some people are more addicted to experiencing love than actually staying in it. I think that there are too many times when people think they are in love when they are not.

  • No, probably not.

    Real, true love is not overrated. However, many people do not find this type of love and end up spending most of their time flitting from relationship to relationship, which makes some people believe it is overrated. When the relationship is one of trust and companionship, then the love is real and not overrated.

  • Love is true !

    Love doesn't only mean relationship , girlfriend-boyfriend stuff ; there is love among human , love towards father , mother , siblings , and mainly our dearest friends. Now , talking about the "LOVE" we have towards our opposite gender , it might not last long , but it is your true feeling which you like to express , and obviously no one can live in this world without love . Don't u love nature, animals , plants ? Each and every single person will have a first love which has a great impact on that person , it maybe wrong or right , but it is TRUE ! Everything in this world has a positive and a negative side , but LOVE IS NOT OVERRATED !

  • No love is not overrated it's just right

    Some might say look at to most famous fails in love. Like Henry VIII his rythme goes
    Yes but 1 he wasn't even very nice
    2 he was hasty with marriage
    3 he wanted a son not a love life
    But do his fails for love make you never want to marry probably not
    You have to make your own choice on your life and family's experience.

  • No, I think it isn't

    Love may not last, it'll end just like everything in this world but I think it's not overrated. It's so much easier to lust than to love because love requires more than just casualty. And of course it's not just some fantasy of white horses and dazzling prince and whatnot. Love just like everything else has some good and some bad but still to me, it's not overrated and if it's overrated to you, would you rather not love at all?

  • Our love is more than real

    Our love: we found each other on a dating site, she's Moroccan and i am Canadian, we fell in love the first day, which was a surprise to me because I've had many failed attempts at love, and this was different right from the first day. And it didn't stop there, every day we still get closer and closer, 5 months later we're so much in love taht we couldn't bare not talking for 5 min, and when i say love i mean fucking love, i loooooove her so damn much i would die for her in a heart beat, 4 years later we're more in love then before. We're married with 2 beautiful children 2 cats and I still sometimes get tears in my eyes just thinking of her.
    And for love to be this strong i believe that it has to have a common goals and values, attraction, respect, and above all LOVE, you have to be open to LOVE her, open your heart, be silly and stupid together, make mistakes and say sorry, be in love, and this is a mutual thing, if one side feels different then the other then don't waste your time, be smart and move on, doubt is your worst nightmare.
    To my baby girl Kamilia, you're my soul and everything, and i will love you even if you get to be 400 pounds and 4 legs ;)

  • Real love is rare because it has to be cultivated and is a lifestyle

    A lot of people commenting here are burned, bitter and jaded because they couldn't distinguish lust from love. Lust IS overrated. Love is much deeper and more tolerant and lasting. People who love their families don't just quit on them despite harsh words spoken and many times of hurt feelings. Despite bad times the good outweighs the bad and people continue to gather as families and continue familial relationships. It must have something to do with the blood ties. In short, when you love someone even when they hurt you---it is difficult to stop caring or wanting the best for a person just as bad news about family members disturbs, saddens or hurts us. The feelings that go into loving someone do not turn to acid hoping for that person's ruin. No there is a feeling of remorse and you still care and want the best for the person---even if its not with you. This is because during the relationship the person (spouse) really becomes a part of you especially when you shared and worked toward many of the same goals and strived for the same dreams together. Sure you get angry--sometimes vengeful when it ends---but this never lasts and its replaced by regret & sorrow almost like a death. But you realized you still want the best for the person because well, your feelings are kind of still entertwined. Once a person enters the DNA of your soul sharing an indescribable intimacy it really hard to shut down all feelings. Sure we sometimes have to walk away but it hurts because deep down you still care. You just know it won't work out. Some people just aren't honest with themselves and of course, some folks really don't have hearts that have known what it means to love. Love is the glue which holds this world together. Compassion afterall, is also a kind of love. When our hearts are moved to tears by someone in tragic or unfortunate circumstances that is compassion it moves us to reach out and help. Love is the reason most mothers refuse to abandon their children. Love is not overrated most people just don't ever achieve it. They know only lust.

  • The Power of Love

    80% of brainwashed crash test dummies that say YES, unfortunately, you are heart-washed too. Love is not a CHEMICAL. It is the starlight in your heart that you're no longer aware of. You're bitter because someone rejected your ego or, according to the ultimate silence treatment, someone "ghosted" you. Well, there goes your LOVE for technology. Take a walk between the WINCO aisles and tell me what you see? The lines of precooked zombies that become what they eat. But no, how could you be aware of that? Maybe you don't buy your food at WINCO; maybe you go to WHOLE FOODS MARKET instead, but as long as you don't get your head out of your apps, you won't really CARE. You can't waste your precious time because you're taught to dream big and go for it. But if you're so much into your Numbers Game, do the math. 7 billion people. Climbing the social ladder, are they going to ultimately fight and destroy each other? Only if they LOVE and RESPECT one another, they still have a chance to save the air they breathe.

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