Do you think Melissa Farley's studies are a hoax (yes) or legitimate (no)?

  • Yes, I think Melissa Farley's studies are flawed.

    I believe that while Melissa Farley's studies may have grains of truth in them, they are not overall legitimate. My opinion is that Melissa Farley is an individual with extremely strong beliefs and might have influenced her studies in order to achieve the outcome she perceived to be the truth.

  • Not a hoax

    I think that Melissa Farley's studies are not a hoax, and that she put years and years of research in to determine the results of her studies, which she is now trying to show to the public to back her fight against prostitution and pornography that women are being forced into.

  • Too partisan to be believed

    People have been trying to apply the scientific method to the social sciences for over a century, with varying success. The biggest thing to take into account is how partisan somebody is - Melissa Farley has a very clear goal in her studies, so she fails the first test, impartiality.

  • Melissa Farley Speaks Up for Battered Women

    Melissa Farley's studies on the sex trade and prostitution are legitimate in that they purport sexual harassment is perpetuated by males and women should rise up against trades that degrade women. Farley is right in that women don't get as good of a deal as men do when it comes to jobs and employment. Her studies aren't a hoax--they are mainstream ideas that were reported decades before their time.

  • She makes valid points.

    I think that Melissa Farley's studies are legitimate, because she has some valid points to make. In speaking out against pornography, Farley makes some good arguments, and she has a way of framing the arguments in a way that a lot of people have not thought of before. She is a feminist and an activist, and honestly cares to improve our society.

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