Do you think men in the West have it worse than women?

  • Men are worse off.

    Women receive far more attention for all their ills than men do. For example, more men are actually raped than women, but men garner far less media about this issue than women do. Prostate cancer is just as bad as breast cancer, but it only receives a fraction of the funding. What's more, a growing number of companies are crumbling under the onslaught from feminists, putting in place blatantly sexist regulations/etc. That would never be dreamed of for men. For example, Google recently had "world emoji day", where teenage girls were encouraged to design emojis. That's clearly a sexist behavior, that somehow escaped any attention from "equality" advocates. And I won't even talk about divorce/child custody. Women should stop complaining, and realize how good they really have it.

  • I believe that women are at least equal to men (if not privileged)

    1. If a woman hits man it's fine, but if a man hits a woman it's wrong.
    2. Countries such as Sweden are putting laws in place to force companies to employ 40% women, just because they are a woman.
    3. Men aren't taken seriously when it comes to being raped or even sexually assaulted unless it's a child. It's even worse when the perpetrator is woman.

  • You are thinking of gorgeous super model women

    As a depressed dude, shits been kinda hard. People dont really take you seriously and because of how our society views depression and suicidal tenancies if I do show them its serious I end up in a hospital. That being said, women have many problems, and Im not talking about just "objectification" type feminist shit. A lot of pressure is put on them to look a certain way and Ive seen this tear people to pieces. An unattractive woman has it really bad off because they will always be overlooked and mens sex drives have a much bigger part of their love lives. This leads women to extreme measures that are totally unhealthy. Im not saying men dont have problems, short guys especially, but this was a comparative question and this is my opinion that stems from my experiences. That being said the question itself is flawed in my opinion, you cannot compare things like this. Every person will react to gender norms differently or have a different experience with them, its all subjective, and no person can truly experience both. With things like this its best to just try and make everything you can better :D

  • Really? So men have it worse do they?

    Men get raped. So do women. Men have privileges at work. So do women. Men's rape cases aren't taken seriously. Women's rape cases aren't taken seriously. Let me give you a fact to think upon.
    -every two minutes, a woman in America gets raped.
    Think about that. While you were thinking, a woman in America just got raped. If we actually took women's rape cases more seriously and started acting like it was an actual problem, more people would be deterred from raping. Think real hard on this becuase in the next two minutes another woman's going to get raped, and then another, and another, and another, and another. How many women will have to be raped before we actually start taking this problem seriously?

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