Do you think message board censorship is unconstitutional?

  • Censorship anywhere on the internet is wrong

    Of course i think censorship on a message board is unconstitutional. The internet should be censored in any way. That's what's so great about the internet. I love the fact that one has the freedom to express themselves on message boards. I believe message boards are doing just fine today without censorship.

  • No, I do not think message board censorship is unconstitutional

    Message boards are not public places; they are private domains of the person or persons who own the website. They are like a virtual living room. Since they are "owned" by someone, the person who owns them has the right to make rules about what can and cannot be posted in their forum, just as a host has the right to decide what his guests can or cannot say while they are in his living room.

  • No, because forum moderators aren't the government.

    Censorship would be unconstitutional if it was practiced by the government. That doesn't mean when an ordinary individual practices censorship it's unconstitutional--teachers can place restrictions on what students are permitted to write in class, publishers can place restrictions on what they're okay with publishing, and forum moderators can place restrictions on what they want in their forums. They're only controlling what the student/writer/forum member may or may not say within that one place where they have authority. They're not preventing a person from expressing their idea period.

  • No it is not

    No, I do not think that message board censor ship is unconstitutional. There are censors placed on message boards to protect people from seeing really harsh language, and most of the people on these message boards do not want to see a lot of harsh language being said on there.

  • Up To Forum Owners

    I do not believe message board censorship is unconstitutional. Message boards are set up by individual people and therefore the people who set them up essentially own them. What happens on their forum is essentially up to them and has nothing to do with the constitution at all. Message board owners have every right to do as they please on their message boards.

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