Do you think nonverbal communication is as important as verbal communication?

  • Non-verbal communication adds emphasis to verbal communication and can even change a verbal cue from hostile to friendly.

    Taking non-verbal cues out of communication, as is done in online discussion forums every day, takes as much as 50% of the nuance of discussion out of reach of the receiving party while removing the ongoing reaction to that communication from the speaker. Common speech, simply two people exchanging small talk, can become an antagonistic experience when facial expression and body movements demonstrate open hostility. A good example of this is how Afghan men speak to each other. When they begin to talk closely with another man they come close physically, very close, holding hands, touching shoulders, walking together as close as a romantic couple in US culture might. US soldiers who experience this for the first time, without understanding, sincerely believe that the Afghan they are dealing with is attempting to make romantic advances on them, as that is what their cultural radar tells them is going on.

  • The way something is said.

    Yes, I think that nonverbal communication is as important as verbal communication, because we constantly have ways to communicate with each other without having to say anything. We can say something by our facial expression. We can say it by the way we fold our arms when we talk to someone.

  • Helps relay the message

    Nonverbal communication is as important as verbal. It helps lay the foundation for the message a person is trying to communicate at a very basic and instinctual level. These movements also help in conveying intent and also keep the attention of the individual being communicated with. It is nearly impossible to have one without the other in personal interaction.

  • No, nonverbal communications is not as important.

    I do not think that nonverbal communication is as important as verbal communication. I think that it is more important for people or a couple to be able to speak out and clearly communicate on issues and matters. I do think that nonverbal communication is important though to every relationship.

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