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  • No, they have not.

    Islamic people can be some of the most honest, faithful people on the plantet. Yes, there are extremists among the Muslims, but just like Christian extremists, most Muslims would not consider these people true Muslims. The actions of a few people are not representative of the entire group of diverse people.

  • No, they are okay.

    Policies are not developed to cap or restrict a certain religion, they are developed for every individual. When we start talking about being lenient or not to Islam is to some extend religious discrimination. Lets not ties Islam with terrorism. Terrorism and Islam are two different things, terrorist hide in religion.

  • Obama has not been too lenient on Islams

    President Obama has not been too lenient on Islams. We are at war with radical Islams, not those that practice Islam peacefully. He has also launched more attacks and taken military action against terrorist organizations than his predecessors. Many of the Trump's immigration policies are already practiced by the Obama administration.

  • No I think he has treated persons of every religion similarly.

    President Obama has not shown leniency to Muslims or really let religious prejudices affect his policies at all. This can be best seen in his escalation of drone strikes all over the world. He inherited a much smaller drone program from the Bush Administration, and has since escalated the number of strikes not just in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. Thousands of people have died under this policy alone, and most all of them were probably Muslim in faith.

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