Do you think old generation cartoons are better then the new ?

Asked by: IceClimbers
  • I'm 16 and I love the older shows

    I always loved to watch the older shows and I cant believe that the newer generation loves shows like teen titans go and have never seen the original. They almost had a come back with regular show but they ended it and made teen titans go! Come on cartoon network.

  • Back when kids cartoons where for kids... Not adults!

    Back in the days kids cartoons, for the most part, looked cleaner and had a more classic "Disney" look. Honestly, visually new cartoons such as "Adventure Time," "Teen Titans GO" & "Regular Show" just look cheep and overly artsy. Yes there are a few such as "The Legend of Korra" and "The Boondocks" are very well drawn, but these are few and fare between.

    I agree shows like "Pink and The Brain" plots are simple and pretty every episode is the same thing over and over again; where most couldn't tell if an episode was from season one or season three. However, that's part of the beauty and enjoyment of the show, where when you watch the show you know exactly what your getting yourself into and you can watch any episode and not be lost.

    True, for adult's that might seen dull, where we feel we need more of a story and characters that are more developed and who have layers. BUT keep in mind, do kids (especially younger kids) need or even want shows that are as complex as "The Lord of the Ring" or "The Godfather"? The answer is NO!!!

    So in short, what's better to make a "kids" cartoon that a kids can get lost in and just enjoy. Or a "kids" cartoon that doesn't have enough depth for an adult?

  • I would say yes probably

    Maybe it's just nostagia. I feel like the cartoons like Uncle Grandpa and The Regular Show are purely idiotic. But my mom thought the same thing about CatDog, Ren and Stimpy, etc. I'm like my mom now since I'm a mom myself lol

    But Adventure Time is pretty good. Although I don't really watch tv.

  • Just my personal opinion

    I preferably say that old cartoons are better and have more time, thought, and creativity in them. Not saying that all cartoons are total crap, ( although some are ) there still some I watch like adventure time or steven universe. Not saying cartoons in this generation is a waste of time but I'm just saying, nothing beats the classics ( most of the time

  • It really depends

    I preferred old cartoons mainly because of the creativity and well drawn animation and humor in them. A lot of cartoons nowadays don't really have that. Not saying every cartoon in the new generation is bad, some I actually really enjoy and find interesting, not to mention well made sometimes

  • Yes they are

    Cartoons back in the day were a lot more entertaining. They provided hours of non stop fun and creativity. This goes for Cartoon Network Boomerang Nickelodeon And Disney Channel.
    The shows today are filled with drama and things kids shouldn't be watching. DRAMA RELATIONSHIPS (KISSING) (BF&GF) BAD WORDS it's a whole new world out there
    R.I.P 90's cartoons :(

  • Old Cartoons Rule

    Old cartoons like cartoon network nickelodeon and Disney channel will never be the same. They have just moved on to drama and things most kids their age shouldn't be doing. Old cartoons were just entertaining and fun to watch. FILL FILL FILL FILL AND MORE FILLS FILLS FILLS FILLS BYE

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  • Here's how it is

    Its mainly that there is less variety in cartoons now the than in the 90's to early 2000 s . Before we had more cartoons and as new cartoons came in old cartoons where still going or on reruns. They only show old cartoons on certain times . The give renewed versions of cartoons that do not have anything in common with the old one accept names and characters. A lot of the younger kids in my family find it stupid but watch it because there isn't anything else to watch. There is not an adventurous fulfillment there are some great cartoons but the don't really get what the main plot is about until the middle or end of the first season

  • Bring 'em back!

    I can't speak much for Disney or Nickelodeon shows as I mostly watched Cartoon Network as a kid, but I definitely think kids' shows have gone to crap. We used to have really good shows such as Courage the Cowardly Dog, Teen Titans, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Now we have Uncle Grandpa, Teen Titans Go!, etc. Chowder was one of the last good shows, but once Adventure Time came it all started going downhill.

  • If thre is something new just let it

    I am a kid and I always watch the cartoons the older cartoons that I still watch I was still in kindergarten sucks when there were new cartoons I liked its more funny than the old ones and also the graphics are even better the only thing you other people don't like new cartoons is because you watched it when you are kid but there's allot of changes over the years so please just let it

  • Charchter personality and backstory

    If you have ever seen newer cartoons, such as we bare bears, there are more backstory then in an entire series of rocko's mordern life.The reason why newer cartoons are better is because it tolerates more things then older cartoons, for example Steven universe which tolerates lesibans.You wouldn't really find any old cartoons that were pc.

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  • Newer cartoons may seem less interesting, because you have grown up.

    Honestly, nostalgia can make cartoons from back then seem more interesting, but if you really think about it, it's because you were younger. Many POPULAR new cartoons actually have interesting plots and well thought out backstories. MOST POPULAR 90s cartoons didn't really have any of this, but were just fun to watch, which is okay.

  • That's a pretty subjective point of view.

    Whenever I hear people complaining about new vs old cartoons it gets pretty deep into the opinion area. Either way both eras had good cartoons. But thinking about it without nostalgia, the current cartoons have a better quality to them. Newer cartoons can have bigger and more complex characters and story arcs that older cartoons could. Excluding cartoons like Regular show, shows like Steven Universe can show us prominent issues. They have important representation of characters of color and different sexualities that older cartoons would never dare to explore. I also find that newer cartoons try to have a meaning behind them without dumbing it down. We don't have the same "cartoons are for children" outlook that we've always seemed to have. Current cartoons will offten and can have an adult audience because current cartoons are made to be like that. Cartoons will continue to grow as time moves on and hopefully continue to get better, because thats a part of life. The longer people work on things the better they will get.

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