• Probably but, who are we to know and judge?

    A great man has passed away, and tabloids are bashing him and selling all of the details of his suicide. It is clear that Williams was suffering from depression which was most likely the main factor. Parkinson's disease could possibly have been the fatal final factor for Williams to commit suicide but why are we questioning this. Should we not instead remember the great man who made millions laugh, cry and think. Rest in peace Robin

  • Yes, It must have been very painful to hear.

    Yes, I believe that being diagnosed with Parkinsons played a very big part in Robin William's suicide. Robin Williams was an extremely vibrant, outgoing person who battled depression the best he could. Finding out he had Parkinsons must have been an emotional jolt that added to his depression. I think he felt hopeless at that point, completely powerless to make things better.

  • Yes, I think that Parkinsons was a big factor in Robin Williams' suicide.

    When an individual suffers from depression, even small tasks like getting out of bed in the morning can become completely overwhelming. As Robin Wiliams was said to have suffered with depression, I believe that the prospect of facing a life with such extensive medical complications was likely more overwhelming than he could handle.

  • probably a deciding factor

    When someone is clinically depressed, they already feel hopeless and like a huge burden. Knowing he was going to be facing even harder times and knowing what his life would be like ahead of him, Parkinson's probably was the final straw. He probably felt like he was just totally screwed up and decided he didn't want to try anymore.

  • Yes but no

    I believe that the disease itself was not a very substantial factor in his suicide. He battled depression and was only in the early stages of Parkinson's. It may have contributed to his depression, considering Parkinson's can cause depression in many victims of the disease. It may have been a small contributing factor but for me it was not prodigious enough for me to categorize it as a "Big factor"

  • Robin Williams suicide

    As far as I know I believe that depression is the reason for suicide he may have been depressed because he had the Parkinsons disease but it was not the disease its self that caused him to commit suicide Some one has to be in a low place to commit that.

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