Do you think Percy Jackson would win a fight against Harry Potter?

Asked by: AmaniA
  • Percy would win

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  • Percy wins easily.

    Percy can control heavy loads of water, he lifted a whole lake. He can also create his own water and create hurricanes. He has demigod abilities and reflexes that surpasses Harry's ordinary abilities. Also Harry is an average wizard, I don't think he can even beat Hermione and his win against Voldemort was a total fluke

  • Percy wins obviously.

    Percy can control water and other fluids. He can control Harry's blood, make him rise in the air, bang him on the ground or even make him explode without even getting close to him. The battle will be over before anyone realises that it has started. Easy win for Percy.

    Posted by: arav
  • Percy Jackson rocks !!!

    Demigod vs a wizard boy... Percy is a son of Poseidon ( or Neptune in Roman form ) so that he has all of his father's abilities such as summoning hurricane, he can control all the water around him and he can heal himself and other people while he is touching the water. Harry Potter is a nice wizard boy, but no match for Percy Jackson. If you read Hero Of Olympus series, Percy and his friends sealed the Doors Of Death, defeating Gaia and save Olympus , both Greece and Rome. He is just amazing. If you know The Last Olympian book of the Percy Jackson series, he had a chance to be immortal but he turned it down. Will Harry Potter the wizard boy have a chance of becoming immortal?

  • Yes Percy Can

    Although Percy Jackson and Harry Potter are both good series, Percy has stronger powers than Harry does. Percy can summon up hurricanes and tsunami waves or whatever water related tricks he has up his sleeve. He can also use Riptide to fend off any spells Harry sends with his wand. Even though Harry has magic, it doesn't mean he is invincible.

  • Demi-god Vs. Random dude

    Percy is a demi-god and therefore has some of the same abilities as his father. Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea and very powerful. Harry is just a boy that was touched by the fates. He has no linage that is anything but human. Demi-gods beat the pants off ordinary wizards, just look at Hercules.

  • Percy Jackson is so much stronger and powerful.

    Percy is so much stronger and powerful than Harry Potter. Harry isn't even that loyal. Percy can create hurricanes and kill Harry in seconds. While Harry will be shooting spells easily deflect either by Percy's power, or Riptide(Percy's sword.) Harry is so not cool in my opinion. That's my reason.

  • Percy J. Is a Mary Sue

    First and foremost, Blood Bending is NOT a canon ability of Percy's. Blood carries oxygen anyways. Harry Potter is a mortal, therefore Riptide could not pass through him. Magic is long-range, while for sword fighting, you need to be up close. Btw, Percy's personality is annoyingly sarcastic and Riordan shows favoritism to Percy as he never loses in his mythological world

  • Of Course He Can't

    Harry Potter has all types of magic and he has much more experience at fighting humans (or in Voldemort's case, almost-humans-but-not-quite-there). Percy is awesome and it would be a close match but he only has water powers and the ability to use his sword. He managed to kill a man-type-thing that had 8 lives, including one inside himself, How is defeating Kronos and a couple of giants better?

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