Do you think Saudi Arabia is a good place to raise your kids?

Asked by: Kabu
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  • While I believe Saudi Arabia is Friendly nation they have major human rights abuses that must be addressed!!

    The Saudi kingdom is a very strong western backed country although I believe it would be fun to visit this place is not ideal to raise a family in here are some of the reasons.
    1. Women have to wear a burqa and they can't drive or go out in public without a male guardian.
    2. Movie theaters are prohibited I mean come on what are they really trying to keep people from seeing that they don't already know about?
    3.While I am a huge supporter of capital punishment they might go a step to far when they execute people for practicing witchcraft or for being gay which they define as blasphemy and there public executions with a sword is not at all child friendly.

    All in all i'm sure that Saudi Arabia would be a fun place to visit they need to make some major changes in there government by promoting more human rights and ridding the country of corruption.

  • No, Total Dictatorship

    Saudi Arabia is a monarchic dictatorship with a king. If you are homosexual or non-Muslim, you can get the death penalty. 60% of citizens in Saudi Arabia are below poverty line which is extreme poverty. So you would be raising your kids in a place where they would killed by the law if they weren't Muslim or straight, or have money problems.

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