• Savannah Guthrie is Too Old

    With all the children awaiting adoption, it is a shame how many older women are having babies. The health risks to both mother and baby are very grave. It would be better to adopt a child and give them a chance, then play genetic lottery at such an advanced age.

  • Not too old

    I had my third at 41! Congrats to her, on her second at 44!!!!! If my uterus wasn't thin from three c-sections, I would have a fourth at 46😊!!!!!! We would love to add to our beautiful family. As long as she is healthy, people need to be happy for her! Babies bring joy!!!!!

  • Savannah Guthrie baby

    No I do not think that Savannah Guthrie is too old to have a baby. As long as a mother is able to get pregnant and carry a child to delivery as well as be able to support and take care of said baby after it is born who is to say that she is too old.

  • Savannah Guthrie is fine to have a baby

    Savannah Guthrie is more than healthy enough to have a baby. These days women are getting older and older. With the proper care there is not reason at 42 she cannot be a mom. Wishing baby Vale a long and healthy life with Mom and Dad. The media needs better things to do.

  • Babies are awesome!

    Why too old? She has her life together, she has the ability to care for her child, and she's happy. If you can handle raising a child, want one and can get pregnant, then go for it! Children are awesome! I definitely think she is just fine at her age to have a baby.

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