• Learning statistics would improve drastically

    The facts are that kids and teens lose about a month worth of knowledge over the summer so depending on when school ends which is usually late June for most students they lose approximately a months worth of information over the course of 2 months. Therefore if school starts in the month of august the students still have time to relax, enjoy themselves and take a little break while also reducing the learning loss by approximately 50%. By doing so, you or your child depending on who you are, will increase grades in the classroom by over 100% as the years of school add up. This will lead to a better and brighter future for generations to come.

  • US schools have too many holidays

    Having the Summer off school originated because in the summer time families needed the children to help on the farms. Farming is not so common anymore so this practice is outdated. 6 weeks off over the Summer is more than enough, any longer and the kids risk brain atrophy.

    Having such a long summer means the first few months of the school year are wasted as they are spent getting kids back into the habits of study and remembering all they forgot over the Summer and the last few months are a waste because what is learned will be lost.

  • I Think School Should Start Earlier Than August

    My reasoning behind this is that throughout the three months of summer, students already forget an incredible amount of what they learned during the school year. Over summer, they do not study, (perhaps by some miracle a few do,) however, the majority of kids don't. Therefore, they aren't prepared for the coming school year in the least. If summer was extended, it would be a disaster. If school started earlier, maybe after one month of summer, the teachings of the previous year would still be relatively fresh in their minds. It would be better for their education. They might not like the idea of it, but they would come to be glad for that in the future.

  • As Opposed to July

    In Putnam County Tennessee, the summer is from May 25 to July 23 (give or take a few days). "Oh well your breaks must be incredible!" No. We have 2 weeks in the fall, 2 in the winter and 2 in the spring. This is more than normal but still doesn't add to the typical summer of 10+ weeks. Where the days are lost is in "snow days". We have 13 days built into the schedule, meaning, if the board decides that 13 days are unsafe because of snow on the roads, no harm no foul. But what happens if there is only 1 or 2 snow days (the past 3 years)? The days are not given back and we continue school. I we should extend our summer by 13 days, and each day we have snow, shorten it. This way we use the exact amount every year. So yes, i would love to go back in August.

  • I even think labor day is a little early to start school.

    If I were in charge, I would want to send kids back to school after the fall equinox (around Sept. 21 or later) the later start date might make it easier for students, parents, and teachers alike to get back into the swing of things. And it might give teachers more prep time before the official first day of school.

  • August toooooo hooooot...

    August is the hottest month of the year... We all know that especially in California there is a water drought..Think of all the water conservation we could have... And the electric that we will conseerve without using the a/c alll dayyyyy. If we want to conserve and keep the money for other educational ressons lets start school after Labor Day just like years ago so families can spend their summmers on vacations and in their summer homes instead of running back in the first week of August and end their summer plans just because school is starting erly for no reason thats reasonable.....

  • Weather in the Inland Empire to hot for kids to be in school!!

    My kids started school two weeks earlier than last year. The heat has been averaging 98 - 104. This first week of school my seven year old came home red, boiling hot and complaining her head hurt. The class had to play dodge ball at 2pm no shade, no water given. The teachers are not thinking about what their putting the kids through. With physical fitness and nutrient such a big deal in the school they make these kids play in scorching heat. They not thinking about their health. Why not leave the school start date to September.

  • Too hot it's unhealthy

    Too expensive to air condition. Families need more time for vacation. By the time summer school , vacation bible school, and high school sports teams end and start up for the next year there is barely one week between grade school sport commitments and high scool. Often we could have only a few days together or we had to leave one of our children home. It was due to not enough time between school and sport calendars Our families are being torn apart.

  • No early school starting

    Summer is for a time to relax and injoy these kids go to school to early its to hot and they get miserable some parent really can not plan vacation time soon as they get out they have to start planning for back to school It seem to be that school is becoming a babysitting Place for some.. The kids who had to go to summer school dont seam to have any vacation time at all!!! It seems they start school earlier and earlier it dosent seem to be fair at all for many people I feel sorry for those children who parents dont want them around Did they forget how they wanted a great summer and how wounderful it was to start after labor day ? That ment summer was really over and school starts now they have to start in the hottest part of summer . Whos changing this anyway??

  • Cost too much

    What is the average temperature in August? 92F where I live. Yet only 79F in May! So I ask one simple question; How much does it cost to cool several million square feet of school buildings in August?

    While on the subject, school in August closes public pools during the hottest month of the year?

    I want my summers back! No school from Memorial Day to Labor Day!

  • It's still summer

    August is one of the hottest months of the year. Being trapped in a building with no a/c while it's beautiful outside is a nigntmare. Kids should start school the first Monday in september, not September 1st like on the east coast. Besides, if it were this way, kids would only have one full month of summer, since schools end in late June and it would start again in august.

  • It isn't fair

    Kids have to be in school for a long period of time in their life including college, why have them be in school longer? Parents have to buy clothes before school starts and they are in a rush already, why make them rush more. It would make parents and children uncomfortable.

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