• Kids Missing School!!!!!

    In September 2014 students were missing school because they couldn't afford uniforms. Also the parents have to pay taxes and for school fundraisers / dress down days. Lastly why would you pay for a different outfit for inside and outside of school, when you could just buy an outfit for both!

  • All kids trousrts have holes in the knees by summer term. So why not wear shorts,no holes in knees.

    All students will have got a few holes in their trousers by summer and then the school starts complaining because they look scruffy. Kids should be allowed to wear shorts in the summer because they are cheaper, dont get holes in the knees because the shorts only go up to just above the knee and kids wil put more effort into class when they are wearing more relaxing clothing.
    Relaxed for the student, cheaper for the parent.
    Why not wear shorts?

    Posted by: dcn
  • They cost way too much

    They cost at least 500 - 600 at private schools or even more and at public they cost at least 300 - 400 and thats way too much to pay each year if you have to. I reckon we shouldnt have uniforms because they are really uncomfortable and the students cant express themselves in a appropriate way.

  • Yes they do

    Students sometimes pick not to wear uniforms and some parents even sent their child to uniform free schools. Some uniforms might feel to tight or to loose. Some students even hate the certain school for their uniforms and has a hard time focusing on certain items they are doing .

  • Uniforms Cost Too Much

    Uniforms cost too much. I found school uniform shoes for $70! That is a lot of money. I found school uniforms shirts for $70 (True). School uniforms altogether can cost up to $300! So I say that schools should not have uniforms at all because of the cost. Thank You!

    Posted by: wyay
  • No i did the math

    At a website it said the annual sale was1,300,000,000. But I thought, isn't that everyone combined!? Sure, they might be expensive but think how they help us with our education. People say "self expression is important" but we don't get graded on our self expression,we can do that AFTER school

  • Sure they're expensive at first but look at in the long run.

    Overall its cheaper to buy a uniform thats slightly bigger than buy new clothes every month or so. Most families buy a bunch of clothes at once, instead buy one pair of uniform and two or so pairs of home clothes. This would be easy to budget and would allow students a safer learning environment in uniform.

  • Uniforms are cheap

    Uniforms dont cost a lot at all infact uniforms are very cheap because you only buy them once a year right ? So why shouldnt we buy uniforms ? Why should we wear normal jeans and t - shirts and sometimes children who are poorer than you feel deppressred .

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