Do you think Seventh-Day Adventist beliefs accurately reflect Christianity?

  • Yes, they do.

    Seventh-day Adventists do differ in doctrines and beliefs compared with other churches, denominations and sects. At least the read and study the whole Bible for its beliefs and doctrines. SDA would be more related to the New Testament Christian Jews. Yes, there is much emphasis put on Ellen G. White for its doctrines, but if studied carefully much can be supported by the Bible alone. I am SDA, and I have not read her books since reading her statement that "if we studied the Scriptures the way we should have, we would not need her testimonies." (my paraphrase).

  • Yes, they do.

    The thing about Christianity is that it has so many sects whose translations are considered to be correct by those who follow it. The same goes for the Seventh-Day Adventists. There is no difference between how right they are and how right Roman Catholics are. Just different sects is all.

  • Yes They Do

    Seventh-Day Adventists follow many of the same practices of other Christian denominations they simply believe that the day of rest was attributed improperly. People shouldn't assume there is something inherently wrong with the denomination or assume they aren't Christian solely based on the fact that they have church on Saturday instead of Sunday.

  • I do not think Seventh-Day Adventists beliefs accurately reflect Christianity.

    I do not think Seventh-Day Adventists beliefs accurately reflect Christianity. Seventh Day Adventists emerged from a movement called the Millerite movement in the 1840's. They believed that the second coming of Jesus Christ would occur on October 22th, 1844. When this did not happen they suffered a great disappointment and many followers disbanded and went back to the former major denominations.

  • No, Seventh-Day Adventis beliefs do not accurately reflect Christianity.

    I do not think that Seventh-Day Adventis beliefs accurately reflect Christianity. I think that while some of their beliefs are similar, I think overall, a lot of their main ideologies are quite different in nature. I also think that a lot of Christians might have issues with Seventh-Day Adventists and their ways.

  • Christianity propper believes in a soul

    The ideology of the Seventh-day Adventist is far an away a district break in Christianity. Death being "soul sleep" and that the evil will not go to a hell is wholly different than the rest of the Christian ideals. Overall the "Spirit of Prophecy" is another break away form the Christian faith and poses an interesting idea of continuing and authoritative source of truth. It may have its basis around Christianity but it is a clear break from the nominal faith.

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