Do you think slain Baton Rouge cop's haunting plea on Facebook will help in reducing the hate towards policemen?

  • Yes tt is so moving

    Officer Montrell Jackson's words are unique and very moving. He experienced both sides of the issue first hand. He recalled being feared and treated a certain way based on his race while out of uniform and being treated with disrespect while wearing it. He was trying to protect and serve and at the same time, work to help his community. His death, the deaths of other officers, and the deaths of african americans at the hands of the police are tragic and hopefully his story will move others to help this stop.

  • Baton Rouge Officer Montrell Jackson's words will have lasting impact

    Baton Rouge police officer Montrell Jackson's words in his heart wrenching Facebook post will unfortunately have greater reach than he ever could have expected. His death combined with his message have put a very human face to the law enforcement institution, which recently in much media has been painted as dangerous, heartless monsters. He was a great man dedicated to serving his community and caught between two clashing cultural debates. Even so he still tried to inspire peace and ultimately gave his live for his community.

  • Yes, the plea was very touching.

    Baton Rouge post of Facebook was very touching and it is sad he died afterwards. People should come to the realization that this war is not against white policemen and black community, it is evil ochestrated by few police who do not represent the whole force. Baton wanted people to see that and am sure from his plea many will shift their focus for the better.

  • Baton Rouge cop's haunting plea on Facebook will not help in reducing the hate towards policemen

    Baton Rouge cop's haunting plea on Facebook will not help in reducing the hate towards policemen because the faction that is advancing the narrative that cops are the bad guys is too far implanted in the psyche of the public. Criminals don't care about such pleas. The media needs to step up had help the policeman's cause.

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