Do you think social media is healthy for kids under 18

  • Yes, kids should new about the world ...

    I think yes ,because kids should know about the world and what kind of bad or good thing maybe your family or friends are doing . Kids should also need to contact maybe someone they new if they are in danger or even if they need help and kids should put positive pictures not negative ones .

  • Social Media is bad!!!!

    On accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. They use the word "follow". People who post pictures of themselves doing something different, like Kylie Jenner's lips, are like trendsetters. Other people who "follow" them basically copy what they are doing to make themselves look like that person. Again like the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. People ruined their lips, and were bleeding.
    Kids isolate themselves, so that they can see what’s going on around them in a different part of the country. BUT, the world, or people they are isolating around them are apart of the “real world” too. It’s better to communicate with people when you’re face to face with them rather then talk to them, when they are not in front of you.
    Followers they get aren’t their real friends, they are random people they don’t know, and if they feel that they need to change themselves to please others, then it’s wrong. Social media should allow you to express yourselves, not make yourself feel bad.

  • Social media is HARMING children!!

    Today's generation is already hard enough on kids. We don't need to add the monstrosity of the internet. Kids and teens are spending way too much screen time, affecting many factors in their life such as sleep, school, family and friends. These tweens and teens also have a chance of being harassed and stalked by what might seem like a typical human, but is actually a child predator. What do kids today even need social media for? If they want to communicate through technology to distant friends or family? Let them penetrate the wonders of texting, skyping or boring old phone calls. It's about time we let kids be kids.

  • Social media is BAD for children

    Yes there are a lot of children that get bullied in school and it does more harm than good. And I say you can only have social media when you are 18 or older it will not be good if you have this younger than 18 years old. Trust me I had a friend that had social media and someone hacked in her profile. She's been bullied two years ago and still gets bullied in today. So be care full of what you post, you never know what might happened.

  • I say that there should be no social media for kids under 15

    I say no because some kids or teens they put videos that they should not put and when they go to school or something people see the videos and that person who saw the videos gets bullied and sometimes they suicide themselves. Or they see some videos that they don't supposed to see and sometimes their parents get those kids or teens in trouble

  • I say no social media for anyone

    I sat no social media because people could be looking on stuff they should looking at. Why, there are some ways I could tell u that kids should not have social media. I see some kids posting stuff they should not be posting, they are instagram, facebook, snapchat, Skype, and kik. Kids could be posting their swimsuits and bras so that is not good at all. Especially teens, they have a lot of social media and they go on it all the time. Also I think this is the most important thing of all, is that kids could get hacked on their profile and they could be cyber bullied and they could suicide themselves. That is so sad, so this is all the information I could tell you.

  • Social Media is Bad for Children

    There are plenty of stories of children getting bullied on social media and of them giving away personal information that they obviously should keep private. It really is quite amazing that not all children with accounts on social media did not have their computers hacked. Plus, social media has directly led to suicides from cyber-bullying.

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