Do you think social media should be banned for all people?

  • The world would be better off

    Instagram inflates everyone's egos to enormous levels by making them think that they're celebrities. Constantly taking pictures of yourself is a mental disorder, same with yearning constantly for validation from others. Social media makes us feel lonelier than ever by fooling us into thinking that we have real friends when we don't. It has royally f**ked us as a society and it needs to die out already. I miss long phone calls and hanging out with all sorts of people in person regularly. I miss when everyone wasn't on their phones and people made conversation for entertainment. Now everyone is nearly unapproachable.

  • Social media is retarding people

    Social media is messing with people's brains and it is terrible. Social Media also opens up a world of "perfection" which could influence somebody to follow in that person's footsteps of starving themselves and eating cotton balls. It is also making people more antisocial and fooling people into doing dangerous and stupid acts to get famous.

  • I don’t think it should be banned for ALL people

    Some people can be way to addicted to social media and maybe it should be taken away from them but I think some people should be able to use it. I am not that addicted to social media but my friends sure are. I was sitting right next to her and she texted me. Maybe she should look up from her phone sometimes and I think other people should too. People have been killed driving because they were texting while driving and they can hit pedestrians walking and pedestrians that are on their phone can get hit or walk into something.

  • Social media creates healthy societies

    Social media creates communities and allows more people to participate in causes they believe in. One aspect where this is particularly useful is for combating crime. Publicizing instances of social injustice such as corruption can allow people to act, and for the authorities to take notice. As with the other comments, although social media can be an addiction, it can also be a tool for the common good. And most importantly, the use of social media is a choice, whether people may do with or without.

  • This would be an attack on everyone's first amendment rights.

    The freedom of speech ensures that you can say anything you wish that isn't a call for violence. Essentially silencing people on the internet is a direct attack on the first amendment rights of every citizen in the country. Such an action is tyrannical and should never be considered in a free society.

  • Of course not.

    I don't think it is fair to ban anyone from social media. Banning certain people from social media is the same as censorship. Banning people based upon their personality, culture, disabilities, etc. is discrimination and would never be allowed in today's society. If we succumb to banning this medium of infinite information to certain people, ignorance will rule the world and people may never understand each other the way they do today.

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