Do you think spanking a child and beating a child is the same thing?

Asked by: donald.keller
  • Spanking is done with the intention of inflicting pain as a deterrent.

    They have the same effect. Children who are spanked are more aggressive, they actually behave worse in the long run, and they are more likely to have anger issues. The goal of spanking is to inflict pain and act as an incentive not to misbehave. The goal of beating a child is to inflict pain and act as an incentive not to misbehave. And a lot of times, parents can't control themselves, or they don't know how much is too much.

  • It is definitely the same.

    Spanking is just another way of harming someone to get them to do what you want them to do. Whether one uses an open hand hit, a closed hand hit, or an object it is still done to control the person that the pain is being inflicted upon. It is another form of abuse.

  • It's exactly the same

    How is hitting a child's cheek and hitting a child's butt different? It's hitting, the location shouldn't matter. You mean to cause them pain. You mean to punish them. Both spanking and beating is punishment through pain. For a child, once a parent strikes them, it doesn't matter where it was or how hard they hit them. It SCARS certain kids. . Spanking has long term effects on children. Children who were spanked as toddlers are much more likely to be more aggressive than normal people as adults. They are more likely to be defiant against their parents, have temper tantrums, and to lash out physically against other living things. Harming a children physically causes fear. They don't understand why they are being punished. It also sets a bad example, teaching children that hitting people solves problems.


  • Spanking = Hitting = Beating = Assault

    Spanking is hitting, plain and simple. Think about it. Spanking involves a big, powerful person hitting a smaller, less powerful person. Just calling it “spanking” instead of “hitting” does not change that fact. Children are the only group of people whom it is legal for adults to hit. If you beat your children, calling it spanking doesn't change that fact.

  • Spanking is proper discipline.

    There is a difference in properly disciplining your child, and beating him. To compare the two is nearly a sin.

    Why? Because a kid that is beat is left empty and with scars and brushes, and a blood covered body. It's terrible... Even thinking to compare that to a child with a butt that's red for a minute is simply wrong.

  • It's just crappy parenting.

    Sure- there can sometimes be a thin line between beatings and spankings, depending on the parent and how "old school" they are (my grandmother used to spank with a wooden spoon- ouch).

    But spanking is poor discipline. It has been shown to create children who act out more and have greater aggression issues than their peers. And frankly, if you can't discipline your kid properly without hitting him you probably shouldn't reproduce.

  • Discipline vs Abuse

    When one spanks a kid the intention is so the child knows of the consequences of their bad behavior. The intention is NEVER to physically hurt the child because the guardian can. Spanking is a light punishment and should not be used for every occasion. When one beats a child, whatever the intention, they know the child will get seriously hurt and is done with malice.

  • There is a difference

    While I personally don't support spanking a child, there is a distinct difference between spanking a child and beating a child. Spanking a child at least in the way it's meant to be is just bending a child over and smacking them with your hand, or maybe you slap them on the wrist or something. Regardless spanking isn't meant to leave a mark maybe it will redden the area that's spanked but it isn't meant to leave bruises or anything like that. Beating on the other hand does leave bruises, and many other serious marks.

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  • They're not the same

    Beating is hitting in anger, malice, rage, etc. It instills fear in the child, and causes him or her to distrust the parent who hits. Beating also might result in aggression and other behavior problems.
    Spanking itself is not the wrong or right way to discipline; it's one of many ways.
    Spanking, when executed properly, is often preceded by a warning or timeout, and a clear explanation as to what the child did that was not okay. The timeout and explanation is for both the parent and the child to chill out, so then the spanking itself (which doesn't need much more force than a quick swat with an open hand) isn't fueled by anger. The explanation and the spanking help the child to remember consequences for disobeying.
    18 months to 3.5 years is the average age range for spanking as one of a few methods of discipline. Timeouts and loss of privileges are other suitable ways to discipline young children. By five years old, spanking can start being slowly phased out altogether. Grounding gets through to bigger kids more effectively, and spanking an adolescent is never a good idea.

  • Not The Same

    Spanking is done in a loving way. Just enough sting to make sure the memory is jarred if the child considers repeating the misbehavior which led to that point in the first place. Beating would be done cruelly and violently. Beating would leave marks and bruises and would be unpredictable.

  • Spanking and beating is different

    Spanking if teaching a child discipline like popping the hand, while beating one causes more bruises and pain to the child that crap about a child being more aggressive when spank isn't true I've been spanked before and I'm an ok child I wont lie I'm not a goodie good child but I'm not dangerous.

  • Spanking is discipline through fear

    Spanking is not discipline through pain. It is discipline through fear. If you are scared of a motorcycle then you wont get on it and go 200mph but if you don't have a healthy level of fear then your behavior will be reckless. Spanking a child is same. If they fear you then they will behave. You can't be friends with your child and the corner just isn't that scary. With all of that said I don't care how a person parents their kids as long as the kids are not physically injured and they become a productive part of society as adults. If you tell someone how to punish their children then next you will force them to feed their kids certain things. Where is the line drawn?

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