• Yes we should!

    Yes because people get made fun of if they don't wear name brand stuff. It costs less money and save it too. Its very cheap. People wont be able to make fun of you because you guys are all wearing the same thing! That is why i think we should have them!!

  • Students should wear uniforms

    Students can concentrate more when they are wearing uniforms. It helps them be able to concentrate more on school work then how they look. Also it help with bullying, student will not get bullied on there clothing. Another benefit is that if students are on a field trip and they get lost they will be easier to be found.Those are some of the many ways uniforms will help students.

  • Students should wear uniforms.

    Students get bullied because of what they wear, uniforms would stop that. Also, uniforms parents would save a lot of money because kids wouldn't need as much cloths. Lastly, students would pat attention more in class because they don't have to worry about how they look. This is why I think Uniforms are good.

  • Yes,students should wear uniforms.

    Yes,students should wear uniforms.This would allow the students to concentrate their attention on their studies instead of always worrying what they or their fellow students are wearing.It would also benefit parents because they could save money on an expensive wardrobe that just causes arguments between classmates and between parents and children.

  • I think that the world would be a better place if school students were required to wear school uniforms.

    I think that the world would be a better place if school
    students were required to wear school uniforms.
    School is supposed to be all about learning, but too many students spend
    a lot to time focused on their wardrobe.
    Also, making school uniforms mandatory for school students would reduce
    gang activity.

  • Uniforms Are Better

    I believe uniforms would benefit students and their families in so many ways. Uniforms prove to be helpful in the home, as well as in the classroom. Uniforms help cut costs for clothing, as well as help create better learning environments. I believe uniforms also help students prepare for the workforce.

  • Students Should Wear Uniforms

    Yes, students should wear uniforms as uniforms provide many benefits. First, uniforms stop bullying based on appearance by making everyone look the same. Second, uniforms stop gangs from being able to easily identify one another, thus reducing the amount of gang violence a school must deal with. Uniforms have many benefits.

  • I like'm lots

    I wrote a paper bout it the paper was good my teacher hates me so he gave me an f lolo lolo lo ol ololo ololo ololo ololo oloo ololol ololo ololo olol ol olo oo ololo o o o olo lo, ok ok ok I actually am in favor i just dont feel like typing right now

  • We Should Wear School Uniforms

    We wont be bullied because of what we wear. I just hope if my school decides to wear uniforms that its from anime! Anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime.

  • I think we should wear School Uniforms

    Nobody is made fun of because everyone's wearing the same thing. I just hope if my school decides to wear uniforms that they make them the same as school uniforms from anime! Anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime anime

  • Students should not have to wear uniforms, period.

    First of all, requiring kids to wear uniforms is a direct violation of the First Amendment. The First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech, and what schools are doing is they are violating that by forcing kids to wear uniforms. Secondly, wearing uniforms are not always safe to wear because they can be physically restricting. One person I talked to said she couldn't play Chinese Garter when she was a kid, because her skirt would make it too hard to jump. Now think of trying to jump away from a fire wearing a tight uniform.

  • Not necessarily uniforms

    I don't think that students should be required to wear a uniform, but the school does need to have some sort of dress code. When students have a code of professional dress then they are seen in a more professional light and tend to think that their academics is more of a work environment.

  • Students should not wear uniforms.

    Students should not wear uniforms. The students should be allowed to choose what they want to wear in school. I do not think uniforms would affect the behavior of the students. It is also harder on parents to have to keep these uniforms clean during the week. So I do not think uniforms should be worn to school.

  • People are not able to express themselves

    Students being forced to wear uniforms are not able to express themselves. They are stuck wearing the same old boring clothes. Instead of that, they can express themselves with their own choice of clothes, ugly or not.

    Now you might say that kids will be bullied from this.

    I don't care.

  • Student should not wear uniforms

    My opinion as a student, the uniform is not required for students because it is quite annoying when wearing them in summer or winter. It makes students feel sweaty or not warmer. Besides the uniformed rather uncomfortable when playing outdoor sports such as football or basketball because it makes the movement is limited.

  • I Don't think so!

    I think students shouldn't wear uniforms they would be uncomfortable for many students that play sports... Specially for girls! Also... They can be really expensive. What if people don't have enough money to buy 3 uniforms?! They would be washing their uniforms EVERY DAY! Maybe they don't even have enough money for one...

  • No, u crazy!!!

    1. It costed a fortune when my mom bought a school uniform for my brother
    2. Students should be able to express who they are and its nice to have individual styles.
    3. Washing clothes- i don't think anyone wants to wash the same clothes every day.
    4. Uniforms takes away your freedom of expression
    5. Its boring
    6. Just imaging walking into a school where everyone around you are in uniforms. You won’t be able to tell what type of person they are because they are all dressed the same as each other. Wearing uniforms really doesn't show who you are.

  • No there should not be student uniforms

    Students should have the freedom to express themselves. If teachers don't have to wear a uniform then students shouldn't have to either. It might have a negative impact on the students self esteem if they have to wear a uniform. Also it might decrease the student embarrassment and humiliation if the school does not have to wear a uniform.

  • I Had to Before

    The uniforms were crazy expensive. Some of the parts were more expensive than the dress I wore to Homecoming. People are going to bully either way. In fact, by all wearing the same thing some people might be able to judge others easier because they know how the outfit fits.

  • I don't think the should.

    Students, like me should be able to express how they feel and not be held back from doing so by wearing school uniforms. I have to and what everybody thinks they stop (i.E bullying, decisions.. Ect). And it costs more, for every school uniform you buy, I could go to the store and buy twice the white tees, jeans, shoes for around $25, whereas a school uniform (i.E school shirt pants belts, shoes and socks) could cost anywhere from $15-40, now ask yourselves would you want to waste money on a school uniform or not?

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