Do you think suicide is the "coward's way out?"

Asked by: ulagudie
  • I think it is

    Suicide is a permanent decision to a temporary problem. Its selfish in so many ways and i think that the only reason why people commit suicide is because they cant find a way to deal with their "problems" or the other simple logic reason is they cant really be bothered! Its cowardly to leave your family to grieve and suffer. Someone else could be going through something as equally as them and getting help from people, i dont see why they cant do the same.

  • Yes, it is a way to not face life.

    Yes, suicide is the coward's way out, because suicide is what a person does when they cannot face life. There is nothing that a person who is contemplating suicide is suffering that another person has not suffered before at some point in human history. People should walk through their fear and continue their lives.

  • You can't be bothered to deal with your problems so you choose death

    People who commit suicide, have essentially run away from all their problems. What they don't seem to understand is that they are often not the only people with problems, there are scores of hotlines and self help hotlines, they just require you to have some bravery and admit to others how you are feeling.

    What is cowardly is leaving your parents behind. Their most important task in life was to give you a life worth living, and they have failed at that. What's cowardly is leaving your little sister behind, with her in the knowledge that her older sibling would rather turn to a knife than to her, even though you grew up together and went through similar trials and tribulations. What's cowardly is leaving your friends behind, with them wondering what they did wrong, that if you'd only been brave enough to go to them they could have helped you, they could have comforted you, they could have been there for you.

    In the words of Scroobius, it's your life, it's your body, it's your decision, it just affects you. Or does it.

  • YES it iS!

    It’s tragic that their pain was so unbearable that they were willing to give up every potential good day to make it stop. I feel sad for them. It’s tragic that their pain was so unbearable that they were willing to give up every potential good day to make it stop. But, at the end of the day, it's easier to die, than to live in this world

  • Cowards would rather die then fight the depression and or pain that is killing them

    It's hard. I know i have it. I think every day all day about how worthless i am. I know that no one likes me i know if there is a god he also hates me. I know that I'm going to destroy every one and everything that gets to close to me just as i always have. I know the world would be a much better place if i wasn't in it. And I've known this for 30 years. But this is the life i have to live. Maybe i was a Hitler in my last life i don't know. But I'm still here and I'm not leaving until i have no other choice no matter what i face in the morning. Because what if i end this worthless existence just to wake in the same hell again? But i do look forward to an end. I hate life and i know nothing but pain and endless loss.

  • They are escaping their fears instead of fighting them

    They are escaping from their problems instead of fighting them. A real mam could get beat up and be dishonored meanwhile cowards will eat themselves up instead of the other guy. They have some mental problem. Possibly they are sociopathic and they are psychotic what will their familes think they would start a chain of terrible events.

  • The military very cowards there wasteing there time in Iraq

    I don't care if you live or died . China and Russia will defeat the us in battle cause china has more people Russia has 100mil or so. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .

  • There's a reason why people go through with it

    None of the points I'm about to share are meant to rationalize self-harming behavior. I agree that suicide is illogical and unethical (I'm a person who almost went through with the deed). And I'm not trying to make you feel responsible for everyone who commits suicide - you're not responsible.
    I'd just like you to consider the following:
    • Major depressive disorder is a real medical condition - an imbalance of chemicals and hormones in the brain.
    • Some people are driven to suicide because of this chemical/hormonal imbalance.
    • The MDD mind does not operate on the same logic as a healthy mind.
    • The MDD mind knows that it's not being rational.
    • An MDD person is not just a "sad" person who needs to stop being sad.
    • The suicidal MDD mind is one that has snapped – it's a mind that has stopped being human and has stopped recognizing other humans.
    • The suicidal MDD mind is one that takes all stimulus, relevant to the brain-owner or not, and twists all things into evidence of why life is not worth living.
    Owners of suicidal MDD minds don't want to have their feelings negated with shallow, condescending suggestions that don't address the problem. You don't tell a Type 1 Diabetic, "Think how hard this'll be for your family! How selfish of you!" A loved one should be aided when they have a disorder - not blamed for being born that way. It is not a thing that is cured.

  • No, it's not.

    There's nothing wrong with trying to escape your pain; that's a pretty basic human response. No one chose to suffer or to feel like there's no other option than suicide. Giving into hopelessness isn't cowardice, especially if carrying on feels like the wrong or pointless thing to do. I'm not trying to glorify suicide, but it isn't cowardice.

  • I fell like it's the only way out for a lot of people and it can be hard most time, it's not easy for many.

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  • Not cowardly at all

    I hear people say it's a fix to a temporary problem. Rubbish I say. Some people that answer yes need to look into the depth of depression etc is it always a temporary problem?? I think not. Depression can last a lifetime and can be so so hard to live a normal life. A life that is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the max, be happy.
    I personally suffer with BPD (borderline personality disorder) along with recurrent depressive disorder and bad anxiety. I have been trying to fight this for 15years now and still I suffer as I did when I first got diagnosed.
    It's not easy to live with. The hurt and the pain. Everyday is a struggle to wake up to. Constant sadness, Feeling anxious, lonely from not being able to get out into public or social situations to meet new people. Feeling like you have to face this everyday how much more hurt and pain can someone deal with is 15 years of this not enough. I try to help myself through medication and various psychological appointments, but nothing even comes close to being rid of this evil condition.
    So maybe think again before your eager comments are posted.
    For some people life is just not worth living anymore we need to stop this pain somehow and suicide seems to be the only real answer. Lack of mental health support and understanding. Sometimes I get turned away from docs etc for asking for help.

  • Nope Nope Nope

    Suicide is mainly a way to escape emotional pain. It's easy to say as an outsider that those who attempt suicide are stupid or misguided, but from the perspective of the actual suicidal person, they see no alternative. Normally their life is in a terrible position, and they simply believe that killing themselves is better than prolonging agony. It's not that they're scared of their situation and commit suicide; fear has nothing to do with it, and thus, neither does cowardice.

  • Suicide IS NOT cowardly

    People commit suicide because :
    1) they feel as if no one wants to listen to the problems that they have in there life
    2) they are sick and tired of being judged 24/7 by the judgemental pricks in the world that can't accept them for who they or who they want to be

    Maybe the person has been depressed for many years and don't want to have to go through it anymore with a fake smile on their face.
    Suicide isn't cowardly pushing/ bullying someone into it is cowardly

  • The military very cowards there wasteing there time in Iraq

    I don't care if you live or died . China and Russia will defeat the us in battle cause china has more people Russia has 100mil or so. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .

  • It's Not Cowardly

    The mind of one who is in pain, not necessarily physical pain, but emotional pain as well, and even those two types of pain do not cover what a suicidal mind is actually going through in life. The suicidal mind goes through so much more than anyone can even imagine. It is a fight each day to stay in this life. The mind is telling you that it is okay to end your life, yet other parts of your mind are struggling to keep you here in this world.

    A suicidal mind does not care about much anything. Sure, that person may have everything, but they do not have the peace and calmness that they seek. They dream of dying in some fashion, be it horrific, painful, painless, or just simple. The mind keeps the dream alive all night long, and it becomes an obsession that the suicidal mind seeks. The suicidal mind just wants peace, and knows that peace will never come until death takes over the mind. It rules the body and the body has no choice but to follow the mind's instructions, therefore a coward it does not make.

    Loved ones? Yes, they can keep the suicidal mind from completing the feat, but even that will prevail for a short time. The mind just wants to find that peace, that absence of responsibility, seeking the loss of the stress that the world brings. You can try to run, but you can not hide. Ending your friendships, leaving your loved ones, roaming the world, indulging in alcohol or drugs.. They are escapes, but those last only a very short time, and the mind will continue to pursue finding death as the ultimate answer, continually seeking it's final destiny.

    Cowardly? Not at all. Peaceful. You have to go through a lot of emotional turmoil in order to commit that which the mind seeks. Those who are truly suicidal do not tell others of their intentions, we put on a smile, take in the fuel of frustrations, take on the burden of more and more pain, until the mind finds enough fuel to end the life it inhabits. No one really knows us or what we are capable of, and the mind will keep all those secrets well hidden, so the people we meet only see a smile on our faces.

    So, is it cowardly to take one's own life? Not at all, it is driven by the mind's desire to end the torment we feel, showing us where peace is, and when you succumb to the mind's desire, that does not make you a coward. I hope to be there myself one day.

  • The act itself takes courage

    Circumstances vary from person to person, so you can't really understand what's going on and automatically assume suicide is cowardly. Suicide itself takes courage. Ask someone to put a gun to his or her head and pull the trigger; chances are that the person most likely can't do it. Suicide overrides the natural instinct to survive, which requires a lot of courage.

  • Don't judge others path in this life.

    I've heard the argument that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. How can you say that the problem is temporary? Some people will have lives that will be filled with on-going mental illness, chronic sickness and born with physical deformities that last their lifetime, are the things I just mentioned temporary.

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