• --Why America is so far behind--

    The fact is, the US does not have top-quality teachers because teaching (due to low paychecks) is an undesirable profession. If we raise the paychecks and eliminate tenure, teaching will once again become a suitable profession and will therefore attract talented individuals to become teachers and thus make the country better educated

    Look back at Ancient Greece; teachers and tutors were payed almost as much as religious leaders and were very respectable and therefore required higher education to beat out the competition. Because of this competetiveness, society became more educated altogether.

    My question is- what can we learn from the past? Isn't that part of the curriculum in the first place?

  • They definitely should be.

    Teachers are vital to the future. They say kids are the future, but if there aren't any adults to teach the future what kind of world will we become? They contribute a lot more than they get credit for and their salaries should be upped a lot. Teachers go through a lot and what they get back isn't enough.

  • I think that teachers are getting less than what they're working for.

    I don't know if they're working to resolve this or not, but teachers should get more I think. Teachers, in my opinion, is one the most important jobs to have in this world. How can we accomplish what we have today without teachers? I searched on Google of the salaries of teachers and it says under $60,000. To me, that's a bit less. I would suggest to bump up the pay between $80K - 100K.
    Please give your opinion to me.
    P.S: This is my first day in Debate.Org.

  • Of course they should

    Teachers should get paid more because they create the basis of education in billions of people's life's. With pout teachers, how would we gain knowledge? I don't understand why a celebrity like Kim K gets paid millions to just look pretty but a teacher only gets paid about $35,000. It's crazy how they think celebrities benefit society more.

  • Yeah they should

    My mom worked in the education department for almost 3 or 4 years. When i was asking her how much she made or earned she said it wasn't nearly enough. "I could make more as a paraprofessional than i did as a guidance counselor. So yes i definitely agree with your argument." there's more to it but its late and im tired. Ill fix it later

  • Teachers are helping to develop the minds of the future.

    Teachers work not only in school but at home. They spend hours planning lessons and correcting homework and tests. They are responsible for developing the minds of the future and many times have to be nurse, social worker and referee for some hard to handle students. I know my teachers spend lots of time and their own money to make school more exciting for us.

  • Hell yeah they do

    They deserve it. Teachers work day in and day out providing a safe, fun, and new learning environments for their students. They deserve not to have to buy their own school supplies so their students will finally have a nice place to learn. They deserve so much more than we give them credit, and money for.

  • Yes they need to be paid more

    They have to deal with like 20 to 30 kids for( how many hours you go to school and after ). Its vary sad that they don't get paid that much. With out them who will help us make meds or help us when we are sick or who will build homes over our heads. Teachers made all of this happen so why won't we thank then that much

  • They should be paid more.

    Teachers encourage and influence the future of our world. Some of the smartest people would not be where they are today without teachers. Teachers contribute to each aspect of society. Teachers prepare and shape great minds that are going to change the world. How can we even put a price on education?.. How are teachers getting paid the same or even less than people who never went to college? Actors get paid more to act as teachers than teachers actually do to teach. I think the salary should be raised so that teachers can at least earn 80K a year, but maybe there should be more training that goes into it before one can actually become a teacher.

  • Teachers have to deal with disrespectful students all day long.

    Teachers work outside of the classroom too. They work summer school, and may have a second job. Teachers are humans just like you and me. They need to pay for their food, water, and electricity too. In some places, people are only paid $12,000 a year. If a teacher has a family, that is not even close to being enough to support a family.

  • Teachers not paid more than teachers

    Firstly my uncle is a police officer and he even has to do the night shift but teachers do not have to go on the night shift.Also police put their lives in danger to save people while teachers do not have to do this.So police should be paid more than teachers.

    Posted by: Fo
  • Is there any other Job out there that grants you summers off?

    While what they are currently paid is far from the best salary out there, they only actually work about 8 months per years. So if a teacher is making 50k with 8 months per year of work then their salary is equivalent to 75k. They make plenty as it is.

  • Payment is not an issue

    If Payment is used as a motivational tool for better education, then why not pay the students, not the teachers? Because a teacher can open a door for as long as they wish, but only the student can walk through it. All we would need is to have reasonably high expectations, and the students will strive to succeed. This, undoubtedly, would be much cheaper, and more efficient.

  • That is not the problem

    The problem is that we have the worst teachers in the world. Teachers union and tenure are problems that help to make sure bad teachers cannot be replaced. Just paying someone more without requiring they do a better job, due to skill assessments, mandatory learning, etc. will not raise the quality of education.

    As it currently stands, American teachers on average do the worst in college as opposed to private sector workers. Recognizing this, it is obvious that teachers deserve a lower salary due to inferior skill set.


    This discussion is the same as "Should mcdonald workers get paid more". If you are a hard worker, and are skilled at some job, you will not be working at mcdonalds. Just like if you are skilled in mathematics you will not take a job teaching students for half that you would make in the private sector.

    Don't let teachers fool you. Nobody teaches out of the goodness of their hearts or whatever tale about saving the world they want to give you. The only way to pay teachers more, is to require better teachers. The market will force better salaries for better teachers.

  • Its not all about the money.

    First of all my wife is a teacher and they definitely work very hard, at least the most of them. I disagree that the US lacks quality teachers due to the low paychecks. It is due to the lack of respect from the students and the parents. Teacher have zero power to discipline the bad students.

    As in most professional jobs, teachers are constantly thinking about their jobs after they get home and one the weekends. My wife works every weekend grading papers but she is an English teacher so her workload is higher than all other teachers. Math teachers for example would work less.

    This being said, teachers do start out with very low pay. After 10 years they make decent money considering they work 3/4 of a year. By the time they retire they make good pay and get a very good retirement. They also get to retire at the age of 62 (in Ohio sooner in other states).

  • No, the problem is not the pay.

    Since when does paying someone more make them do a better job. Are you going to pay president obama 10 times more so he could realize hes a terrible president? This doesn't make any sense, teachers should already be motivated, and even if they find this new way of magical teaching the government limits them. The department of education sends guidelines to how and what teachers will teach. If we would let free market decide on education, and keep the government out; We would have the highest quality, lowest priced education just like phones, computers etc. Then maybe teachers pay will vary, but under this department of education this isn't necessary. It is like proving this socialistic system will not work by just giving them more money, and just letting capitalism do its work

  • More than what?

    Most people have no idea how much teachers make. On top of this, teachers get very nice benefits that are rarely factored into the discussion. Furthermore, many of them are in unions that makes it difficult to be fired. There are way more willing teachers than there are open positions, and thus there is no need to pay teachers more to attract new teachers. Thus, until pay is based on merit, teachers should not be paid more.

  • I think they should get paid more

    Because without teachers there would no be doctors because the teacher teach the doctors to do what they need to do like fore example they thought them about blood types and about the medical stuff and they also teach them how to do CPR and what to do with there hands and how to take Gloves off

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