Do you think that accounts of Bromberg Bloody Sunday are historically accurate and representative of reality?

  • My Mother was there

    After the war my mother came over to live and work in England. She was born and lived in Danzig. She was evacuated back to Germany like many Germans with her. She used to tell me how she loved living in Danzig. She lived in Preetz before coming to England. I did ask when I was young why my mother left Danzig . The reply was short . "Because of the war" Never was anything said after that until just before she died. With sadness in her face she told me there were terrible things happening to the German people . I have no doubt these slaughters happened. One thing I have learned those who win the war write the history books

  • It was a horrifying reality.

    For those who don't know, this even refers to a moment in 1939 in which residents of a Polish city killed the German residents of their town, after Hitler's Germany invaded their nation. I have read quite a bit on the Bromberg event, and not just a quickie for this debate. There is no doubt in my mind the horrific details of that day were recorded accurately.

  • Although numbers of victims vary, the general account of the massacre is widely accepted.

    Although historians debate the exact nature and number of victims of the Bromberg Bloody Sunday massacre, there is a wide consensus that the general account of the event is accurate: that a sizable amount of the ethnic-German minority in Bromberg (Bydgoszcz) were murdered by Poles in response to the German invasion of Poland.

  • They are accurate

    Yes I think that when this event happened in Poland, the records of the events that took place were presented accurately. The reality of what happened was told, and the people who think this was fake are just looking for something to stir up a bunch of gossip and drama about.

  • False accounts of Bromberg Bloody Sunday were propaganda tools used by the Germans.

    The Germans used the account of the killings, which came to be known as the Bromberg Bloody Sunday killings, to create a propaganda campaign. They used this propaganda to commit a massacre of the Polish people. The facts and the number of deaths have been widely disputed and the Nazi party was well know for using propaganda techniques to further their cause.

  • No Way To Know

    I believe it is impossible to ascertain rather the accounts of Bromberg Bloody Sunday are historically accurate and representative of reality. Historians have deduced that the number of casualties and details are not well known and not proved in any sense. There is a lot of debate between scholars on this topic so it is impossible for a layman to really say one way or the other.

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