Do you think that celebrites make too much money?

  • Celebrities make too much

    Celebrities make too much money but I do not think the government should take any money away from them. They live in a bubble in Hollywood and do not know how normal people live and struggle to buy things. People should not focuse on celebrities as much and then they would not make as much money.

  • Yes, just look at athletes.

    Considering athletes as celebrities, there is far too much income going towards professional athletes than necessary. These people are making millions of dollars per year for playing a sport and essentially having fun. There are disadvantages, but they get to opt out of college to entertain and have fun making millions.

  • Yes, they do.

    To be fair, a celebrity is generally a key selling point for whatever they are in, but there are people in for instance, the movie business who work much harder but get only a fraction of the pay. The problem is that they have gotten away with huge pay checks because our culture wants them to be in certain things. This cuts the pay of everyone else involved to much.

  • Depending on what the celebrity actually does

    I must answer this question with a yes and no. This depends on what the celebrity actually does. So celebrities do more than others and may deserve more money than other. Some celebrities dedicate their all their time to entertaining people and have no time for other activities such as work. They also are subject ridicule from everyone. Some of them earn their pay.

  • Yes, celebrities in general make too much money

    There are many celebrities that make a very substantial amount of money. The top celebrities can potentially become billionaires just for making movies and television shows. Whether or not this is too much money is subjective, but I do believe that on average many celebrities do make too much money.

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