Do you think that Fifth Amendment removal from the Constitution is a good idea?

  • I agree with the removal of the fifth amendment from the Constitution.

    When someone chooses to plead the fifth, this is often taken as an assumption of guilt, and is a way for people to hide information that could be relevant to solving a case. We should live in an honest society. The fifth amendment gives people an easy out that people don't deserve if they have violated laws.

  • In need of the 5th amendment

    Because without this amendment, the government would be able to take many private owned properties leaving them with nothing in hand. This amendment allows the government to pay just compensation when they take private properties for public uses. Who would want to get nothing when your property is taken away?

  • We need it.

    No, I do not think that the 5th Amendment should be removed from the constitution, because we need all of the due process protections that we can get. It would be a disaster if any law enforcement person could just charge a person with a felony by writing them a ticket. It would be abused a great deal.

  • No it is not

    Some may argue that it would not be right to change something as important as the constitution because it was made so as to not be changed because by not being changed, it would instill the original vision of our founding fathers. If they change one, the rest will fall apart.

  • Removes Protections if Changed

    The Fifth Amendment shouldn't be repealed whatsoever. There are many reasons, one of which is that the amendment protects citizens from an oppressive government. Further, the Bill of Rights is part of American history and the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution should never be repealed simply because of their historical context and their value to citizens over the past 238 years.

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