Do you think that Gambia's new ban of child marriage will end the practice there?

  • I hope so

    It's just disgusting for people to use and abuse helpless children. Giving opportunity to those same poor children will help them escape that kind of life. If the government just bans these kinds of marriages and turns a blind eye, nothing will be accomplished but if education is mandatory it can change a generation.

  • Yes, the ban on child marriage should put an end to the practice.

    Gambia's new ban on child marriage (if it is actually enforced) should help put an end to the practice. Child marriages exploit children; and most of the developed World has condemned this practice. Therefore, Gambia must work hard to enforce its new ban on the practice to protect children from exploitation.

  • Legality Changes Nothing without Social Change

    Although banning child marriage is a good first step in stopping this inhumane practice, it has to be eradicated from the culture itself in order for it to completely stop. People who view this as part of their culture or some kind of rite of passage need to be educated and future generations need to be educated as to why such a practice is abhorrent and should be illegal.

  • No, but it is a good start

    The ageless practice of child marriage in Gambia will not entirely cease, just because a ban has been put into place. It will take decades to totally wipe out this cultural practice, and it will take more than just a law to end it. Protests, riots, and action must take place to eradicate such wickedness.

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