• India should give up Kashmir. And, India should break up too.

    India should give up Kashmir. And, India should break up too into independent countries based on languages. INDIA WAS NEVER A COUNTRY IN HISTORY. So, India will break up into fragments. Government of India harass and oppress own citizens for corruption and eliticism. Indian IAS officers are brown-british. So break.

  • Only kashmir valley should be given up

    Leh ladakh and Jammu should remain in india. Kashmir has dented image of Indian Army.Now we should leave the fate of Kashmiri in their own hand.We have been spending so much money on Kashmir. Let them burn in their jihad. We can not expect peace in India until the Kashmir problem is solved.

  • Allow Kashmir to be independent.

    India should give up Kashmire. This is because a portion of the people living there would like independence from the country of India. While it would not be financially the best move at first, Kashmir would thrive on its own eventually. It might also bring more peace to the region.

  • India should, yes

    I do think that India should give up Kashmir. The reason is because there is too much conflict, and if a region wants to be free after centuries of control, they should be allowed their freedom. The same goes for Scotland in the UK. It's time the world moves forward.

  • Yes, they should.

    I do believe that it would be in India's best interest to give up Kashmir. They spend so much money and lose the lives of so many soldiers fighting and have very little to show for the efforts. Many of the people living in Kashmir are Muslims and do not want to consider themselves Indians.

  • No please no

    Kashmir is an integral part of india. It is beautiful and tourism although diminished in the few years, is an important aspect. India will lose its control of the Indus river if Kashmir is taken away and separatist movements will also begin in other parts of india. Jai hind !!

  • Politically not possible

    I strongly recommend people to read instrument of accession who supported kashmir freedom
    Now why it cannot be given if kasmir slips from India's hand it will be a nightmare
    1) Pakistan will take control of kashmir and may gift it to china. Then you can say Pakistan-china alliance will do everything to hurt the sovereignty of india
    2) Direct terror activities in himachal and leh
    3) Huge advantage over indus river

    Politically impossible please read un resolution 47 on kashmir

  • Well No..Not at this point

    India have as now will not give kashmir up because india has invested precious resources as well as time in kashmir, also kashmir has been the strategically advantage point for india and as india grows powerful the more India's grip will grow strong so i don't think india should give kashmir

  • Well No..Not at this point

    India have as now will not give kashmir up because india has invested precious resources as well as time in kashmir, also kashmir has been the strategically advantage point for india and as india grows powerful the more India's grip will grow strong so i don't think india should give kashmir

  • A complex solution

    I wish to understand why does religion trump HDI and standard of living. India has already given up a huge chunk of land to accomodate 1/4 muslim population in pakistan. The funny thing is not all left for the new nation. I wouldn't want my muslim brethren to leave as they make India richer. I want pakistan to compensate India by giving half its land mass to India as about only half the subcontinent's muslims moved to pakistan. So before demanding Kashmir valley first handover Pakistan's land. Also Pakistan should not be handed over Jammu or Ladakh as during partition like Punjab and Bengal it too would be divided by population centers and Jammu and Ladakh don't have Muslims in Majority. And when this deal goes through the landed over to Indian won't simply be distributed amongst Indian Muslims only but will be handled by the central government to resettle all Indians as we don't believe in ghetto-ism and dividing along racial lines in the way Pakistanis and Kashmiris Separatists do. I mean with what right do Kashmiri separatists use words like 'Human rights' when they have bloodied their hands with The blood of Kashmiri Pandits. I love the double standards that they have. But am also aggrieved by the horror normal Kashmiris have to face, they don't deserve that. I feel the subcontinent should move on from prioritizing religion to prioritizing human development, standard of living etc. I am fed up of this war but am not gullible as letting down your guard not only means the breakup of Indian and its economic rise but balkanization and further ruin. I also do want to mention that if Kashmir(s) state they have a right to be aggrieved and demand a separate state simply on the lines of religion and say that they have a right to do this, I pray tomorrow no Hindutva Leader asks for the same right to vote, wherein 80% of Hindus in India may demand a Hindu country where every religion but Islam may be practiced and call for a vote to decide on this decision, so simply saying I have a right to vote on bigoted lines is asking for trouble this card can be played by all.

  • Never ever !

    Kashmir is one of the beauty valley in the world and it has a lot of connection with Hinduism india did wrong when they give up the Sindu: valley were hinduism was created (which is in pakistan).... If people in Kashmir doesnt wnt to be with india they should leave india and go to pakistan or Bangladesh they doesnt have any right to ask india to give up on Kashmir because Kashmir is IN INDIA ! ITS NOT ANOTHER COUNTRY SO THAT THEY CAN ASK FOR FREEDOM!!! WHAT DID INDIAN ARMY DID WRONG TO THEM ? NOTHING !!! THESE MUSLIMS KILLED MORE THAN 10 BILLION INDIANS and now they are trying to act like victims ??? Pakistan and bengladesh were given up from india for muslims who didnt wanted to be in india so they can GO THERE IF THEY DOESN'T WANT TO STAY IN INDIA !

  • No never, if possible take back POK.

    Pakistan is just trying to create insurgencies in Kashmir. ISI and their military wings provokes youth. Unfortunately Pakistan which safe home for terrorist creates problem for entire world; demand Kashmir on basis Muslim population. India has more Muslim than Pakistan. Therefore, Pakistan's argument is not valid in current time. Pakistan is land of extremists where most top rank population always will be obsessed with India. It is unfortunate that such nonsense country got the nuclear weapon and try threaten India and entire world.

  • No! Never it should give up!

    Entire region of Jammu & Kashmir belongs to India. Jammu and Ladakh have Hindu and Buddhist majority. Only kashmir valley has muslim majority and valley's total land space is less than 10% of whole Jammu & Kashmir state's entire land. So should india sacrify nearly 90% of it's territory for people who are in majority living under less than 10% territory ? If Muslims want to go with Pakistan, they should move to Pakistan as per their 2 nation theory. It's also important to note that india have more muslims than pakistan defeating it's 2 nation theory principle! Strategically and natural resources point of view also, Kashmir is key for India. Over 1000 years before it was a land of Brahmin pandit's and historically belong to India only. So India should never give up on Kashmir no matter how much it costs to India.

  • No, India should not

    Pakistan itself was formed on the basis of two-nation theory which India never accepted. So when the ruler of Kashmir acceded to India, the fact that Kashmir was a Muslim majority region did not mean that it could not be a part of India. Moreover it is home to ethnic Kashmiri Pandits who would have been viciously persecuted had it become a part of Pakistan. India was 100% right in merging Kashmir with itself. The only unfinished agenda (thanks to the stupidity of Nehru) is the integration of PoK with India which will happen eventually.

    Pakistan is already failing on its claim of united Muslim nationhood. It lost Bangladesh due to its Urdu obsession. It is similarly going to lose Balochistan. After a while only the Pakistani Punjab will be all that is left. Then PoK will willingly join India.

  • It is theirs

    No, I do not think that India should give this up if they do not want to. We can not say whether or not they should give something up, that is completely up to them and what they want in their country. They probably think that we should give up a lot of things to.

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