• ISIS should be eradicated

    ISIS should be eradicated. The group is ultra-violent, and kills innocent people as part of their terror campaign. They also go after those from different religions, and exploit women. Part of their money comes from prostitution. ISIS can not be negotiated with, and the only solution and way to defeat ISIS is eradication.

  • But Not Through Military Action

    ISIS exists for one reason--for economic gains. The people who join ISIS are promised large sums of money to their families if they blow themselves up in the name of Islam. ISIS goes away when the entire world eliminates poverty, hunger and homelessness. World leaders need to separate religious radicalism from a group of desperate people who try to feed their families.

  • Yes, ISIS should be stopped.

    It is difficult to argue that there is anything positive about ISIS, and I cannont think of anything positive about it. ISIS should be stopped. There is nothing questionable about it. The only question is how to stop ISIS. Non-violence does not seem effective, but violence breeds violence. The best is to stop them at the source.

  • I'm not too sure about that.

    Eradicated and annihilated. Yes, I do think that ISIS should be destroyed and eliminated, especially for taking the lives of innocent people. I believe that the members of ISIS will have their day. Everyone has to stand before a perfect God in judgement. ISIS will be taken care of one way or another.

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