Do you think that Joseph Goebbels' anti-Semitism was greater than Hitler's?

  • Yes,it can be argued that Joseph Goebbels was more anti-semetic than Hitler himself.

    Yes,it can be argued that Joseph Goebbels was more anti-semetic than Hitler himself.He was director of propaganda and had so much hatred for the Jews that he knew just what to say that would bring the average German citizen over to his side.This is why he was recruited for such a position.

  • No, Hitler was more extreme

    I do not believe that it is fair to even begin to compare Joseph Goebbels' anti-Semitism to that of Hitler's. Hitler had a mission to exterminate all the Jews from the planet. He even tried to accomplish the task and came close to succeeding. Hitler was far worse than Goebbels.

  • Both Men About Equal

    Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hitler were about equal in their hatred of Jews, fueled by experiences from childhood that had nothing to do with Jews. Goebbels was diminutive and small. He was hindered by a lame foot. He made up for his lack of size with sharp intelligence, a gift that proved useful to the Nazis as Hitler's propaganda minister during the rise of the Third Reich.

  • Though he hated a lot

    He really hated the Jews. Hitler also was incredibly hateful of the Jews, obviously, but it was Goebbels' job to inspire the hate of the people via propaganda and other means. While Goebbels' certainly hated the Jews, Hitler hated the Jews incredibly thoroughly, as is evident in all of his writing.

  • Hitler Is The Winner

    I do not believe Joseph Goebbels' anti-Semitism was greater than Hitler's, but he's definitely up there. Hitler worked treacherously to obtain his position to do as he wished. Goebbels' obviously didn't seek that power or wasn't as successful as Hitler. I believe Hitler was very cunning in going for his goals, which to me means he was probably the most anti-Semitic person in history.

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