• Yes, Raonic will win

    Milos Raonic is a champion. There is no way Raonic can lose the title, due to the infallible nature of such a competitor. The Wimbledon tournament has never seen a performer such as Milos, and will likely never see another after this. Milos Raonic has repeatedly demonstrated the excellent character it takes to make it to Wimbledon and will continue to perform admirably until the edn.

  • No, he is up against a legend.

    There is no way Milos Raonic is going to win the Wimbledon title when he is playing against Andy Murray, a distinguished player. It can't be denied that Milos is a good player who can can pose a threat but lacks enough skills compared to Murray. So for me this is a walk in the park for Murray as Milos lives to fight another day.

  • No, the Milos Raonic will not win Wimbleton

    Milos Raonic is a young and rising star on the tennis circuit but he is not going to overcome the lead from Andy Murray. Milos will have other opportunities in the future as he matures and gains more experience at Wimbledon. The Canadian has a strong future ahead in the sport of tennis.

  • Murray outmatched Raonic to win Wimbledon

    Raonic was hoping to be the first Canadian tennis player to win a major Grand Slam singles title. It was not to be. Andy Murray of Great Britain won with scores of 6-4; 7-6; and 7-6. According to Raonic, Murray played a strong game, and deserved to win. The match was close. It is Murray's second Wimbledon win. Raonic is only 25, yet he will have another chance to win in a future match. Raonic has the experience and the talent to capture the Wimbledon title.

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