Do you think that money is the worst invention that humanity ever created?

Asked by: OccultMagic
  • We are slaves to money, the stupid freaking government, and to our own freaking society!

    If everybody would shut up, stop being stupid, and snap out of it, then they'll know. Just think about it. We're slaves to money. We constantly keep paying for anything we want or need to survive!!! We need food, water, shelter, and clothes to survive but noooo we have to pay for that all the time in order to get it. We also need money to have our careers and dreams. Not anyone else's, ours. I hate life. And I hate humans. I wish I was another species on this planet because if I was then I would get everything I ever wanted and needed for FREE!!! I hate the government and everyone else who loves money. Y'all don't need it, y'all just want it. I HATE MONEY!

  • Not everyone can make money

    Money is nothing but a barrier between me, wants, and needs. Higher-functioning adult Aspies like myself have to miss out on nearly everything that costs money because we have to spend 80%+ of our disability checks on nothing but rent and food. Employer's tough interview questions are also a barrier to making enough money to survive without government assistance.

  • It is not

    As the comment above suggests money can be cruel or kind depending on who is in possession of money and of-course how much value you place on money. Currency was developed to replace the bartering system and although there is crushing poverty in the world due to lack of money and resources, money can be used as an aid to people in need. I do however think people do put a little too much emphasis on money, it shouldn't be put before your hapiness

  • No it's not

    Money can be cruel or kind, but I will have to say that the worst invention ever a weapon. From the atomic bomb to the rapiers of the Madevil period show man's want of new and improved violence. You can even look at the board games, so-called "innocent": Strago , Battleship, Risk, Hangman (even though this isn't a board game). Sports, such as fencing, archery, and football are also violent.

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