Do you think that online dating sites discourage the concept of true love and healthy relationships?

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  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    Essentially, the statement "a concept of true love", stems from an figurative ideal of what this supposed chemical reaction in our body should or shouldn't "Feel Like". If it were based on facts alone, not the idea of "Love" or "Happiness" Since they subjective at best or relative. Statistics show that the advent of online dating has proved to put more people together in recent years than in your "ol traditional "why, hello there " " in person.

    Also, in most cases while meeting someone in person, (a complete stranger) you more likely to be attracted to that person physically at first since you know nothing of their personality. While online you, most people may have a sense of apprehension on appearance, this may lead individuals to getting a better sense of a person and engaging in more in depth, thought provoking conversations.

    But of course, I believe that most people can see that with the ease of being able to meet thousands of people in a span of time that would in theory be un-achievable in person (physically). This will lead to the increase of perhaps individuals spending less and less time, communicating effectively. This would most likely lead women and men to view responses such as "hey","whats up" and "your** hot" as something they will simply wince at and continue browsing.

    Either way, as subjective as the idea is, I am quite certain that online dating does not diminish the ideal of "True Love" or "Happiness" for that matter, In fact its quicker, more effective and you spend less time finding out quirks that you would end up not liking or be the cause of arguments further down the road. (ie. Smoker, drugs, marital status, past, ect.)

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