Do you think that religion is just a made up idea to take control of people

Asked by: mohiscool
  • Religion promotes authoritarian morality.

    Authoritarian morality is characterized as a person devising their morality from a presumably more intelligent and benevolent authority than themselves. The problem with this idea is that it encourages people to unquestionably obey the authority. Any conflict between personal logic and the authority only means that the logic is wrong since the authority is presumed to always be right. Many religions argue that since their morality comes directly from God, it is perfect in every way and cannot be disproven by human logic since humans intelligence is infinitesimally small compared to God's intelligence.

    This type of morality is one of the most repugnant ideas I have ever come across. It basically allows for the authority to commit whatever atrocity it would care to commit, and since the people believe he is right in everything he chooses to do, they rationalize these atrocities and attempt to justify them. The thought process that Christians and Muslims use to justify God sending people to hell, is the exact same thought process that Nazi's used to justify the holocaust. Both religious people and Nazis alike blame the victim for their suffering and attempt to extricate the offender from any blame whatsoever.

    In fact, authoritarian morality may be one of the most successful ways there are to control people. And you will find that it lies right at the heart of religion and dictatorships.

  • How can it even be real?

    Religion is pointless, what proof is there that these 'gods' and supreme rulers really exist(ed). What proof is there to show that someone didn't just make it up to change other people's thinking? There is none, so why believe it? It gave people hope and security, when really, there is not the slightest bit of chance that the person who created your religion was even a god? Religion is simply a scam, a made up idea to control others.

  • Jesus Christ never established religion

    Jesus Christ never established religion. He was primarily against the religious leaders of his time (the Pharisees) . Religion has it's routes in men. Real faith has his routes in God and needs no institution to work. The first Christians had no denomination, nor buildings etc. No matter what religious system someone belongs to he gives his institution the possibility to manipulate him. Jesus never manipulated people. He draw them to the real God with his words and his example.

  • It Definitely Is:

    From Abraham to The Current Pentecostals: It has always been about Power over people and Money, but mostly about Control.
    Because if you control the people and the country, you also have control of the money.
    Essentially, Churches are mostly based on Greed!

    I've watched as charismatic clergy get greedy and drag members away from the church they worked in to form their own sect, so they can get a bigger slice of the money pie we call Religion.
    Churches should not be able to ask people to pay Tithes.
    Yet, many of these Pentecostal churches demand Tithes, often 10% of the victim's income.
    And other churches expect people to pay some form of Tithe.
    Yes: It is all about Money.
    Ministers should get a real job and preach voluntarily, without getting paid for it.

  • Absolutely. Not all religions can be true because they contradict each other. How many religious gods claim to be the ONE true god?

    Most of them have to be made up and yes control is what they are obviously used for. Every religion has its own set of precepts that are different from those of every other religion. The concept of god is one that arose in ancient oriental despotism and it is unworthy of free men. Religion makes people morally incompetent. Christians actually believe that sex is wrong while the results of sex (babies) are good and intended by god. If you can be tricked into believing that something is wrong while the results of it are good then you are morally incompetent and youd believe any religion that most people around you believe.

  • Yes, it's true

    Religion is very much like a business. People invest a lot of time and money into the establishment of religious institutions for the main purpose of controlling those who follow them. It's about money and power, not faith. The idea of faith is just a ploy to manipulate ignorant minds into submitting themselves spiritually and financially to those who control them. With religion, comes religious tyranny which always results in the destruction of society. This is why more progressive, secular nations are less religious and are more successful while pretty much every theocratic nation is failing due to the corruption that religion brings into society.

  • I am tired

    I am tired of religion There is always that stuff that are just to far for me to believe.
    Like there are hundreds of gods in hindu some muslims believe in magic
    christianity has some holes in it
    so from know on i think that god(if there is one )created the idea of religion in peoples heads to not see god or we are just an experiment to the one an only god?

  • A made up idea to control people's actions.

    I am an Atheist and I don't believe in something if it's existence not proved or certain.Religion might make sense when you search very deeply about it though generally it looks like a total made up idea but not to take control of people.I see the good in Religion,I dont think it is manipulative,like many other Atheists do.Religion when not used badly is beneficial since it encourages people to do favors and be better human beings with the fear it brings.But as a result I do believe religion is a made up idea to control people's actions but not to take control of them.

  • History tells us that this is true.

    Have you ever heard of official religions of countries. I don't mean what the majority believe in. I'm talking about forced religion by the government. Examples include but not limited to: England oppressing Catholic Irish, Muslims forcing Islam on the Middle East during Byzantine times, and Puritians forcing Christianity on New England towns. There are centuries of history that shows us how governments, people, and groups have forced oppressive religions on the public. All you have to do is crack open a history book. It goes from Mesopotamia to even modern day America where it is different for any non-Christian to hold political office based solely in their beliefs

  • Control majority of people

    A long time ago humans had plenty of time and lots of poor people. Anyone with a working brain should know all religions are false. This is just ridiculous and government should come clean. We are approaching the next century and need to let the ignorant followers of all religions in on the lie. T hen we must make life for everyone more pleasant. I suggest a form of communism, like every one born with certain rights and a $20 NEW MONEY bank account. But from a world bank one that serves all the world. Tranparent. Then from 0 to 10 yrs old real school. From 10 to 11 home school. From 11 to 16 university free and time to pick a profession. Those not smart enough work on lower jobs with dignity and equal pay. So doctors and apple pickers get same pay. We all live in decent housing. We all get to travel from 30 to 50 to find were wev want to live. All countries are open. No religion any were in the world. Anyone practicing religion goes to jail school to learn the truth. You make things if you dont work for world company. World company makes 5 kinds lo f shampoo , 5 toothpaste, 5 tv,5 cell phones, on and on. Home business make things...You see this world does not need so many kinds of the same things ald the packaging that is wasted. We have to sit down with a list. Distribute equal around globe. I cant explain here all. This is somewhat complicated but very doable and needed. There is no God and we need to understand the importance of the world. It is in our hands. To prove this just look at the ongoing wars that have never stopped. They fight over land and religion. If there is no religion and no boudries then no war. Why cant we make a new york any were in the world. We can make a small town america in mexico and they would stay there. In africa go get rid of all these stupid people in charge and we teach them. Honesty all over. One world government for everyone and if we must one more time use force like the Catholic Church did then we do it this way. Get rid of the most amout of Muslim men as possible. Muslims are the cockaroaches of this world. Get rid of Korea fag jung ill and his stupid empire.They need help over there just likfr Muslim women need help.Anyways world war 3 and impose decent rules. Use what is good from all bibles and kill anyone that does not want to be part.

  • Just Another Misconception (except maybe about Buddhism or Islam).

    No, all religions are chosen volitionally. I think I may go as far as to say that the only religion invented for that purpose was Buddhism. Think about it. Everyone is trying to make themselves not want the things of the world and follow the Eightfold Path, which, apparently, influences every aspect of their lived that trying to eliminate their attachment from worldly things does not. It's as if they're a whole bunch of slaves to their religion.

    Why Islam is a Control Religion: Its followers have everyone thinking it's another one of those happy, peaceful religions but the fact is, no, it is not. The Five pillars are practically keeping them in slavery.

  • Of course religion isn't made up.

    There are 4000+ religions in the world. Maybe if there were only one or two, or even only ten, they could be written off as something created just to control groups of people. But there are /4000./ As a Christian, I fully believe that many belief systems exist because we really do live in a spiritual world, whether science can prove it or not.

    On top of that, there is a huge difference between what is considered a religion and what is considered a cult. /Cults/ are controlling. Religions and belief systems aren't. Or, at least, they shouldn't be.

  • Religion is usually difficult but the answer to this is simple

    No, religion has not been made up to control people. Those who consider themselves as religious, also those in high positions within their believe like the Dalai Lama or the Pope honestly believe in what they stand for and don't actively manipulate people with something they personally regard as an idea.

    The very nature of religion is that it's not compatible with debates about whether or not it is real and I encourage to accept this and approach that problem in a alternative way.

  • It's a universal human phenomenon.

    On the question of whether or not religion is a mental illness the answer is no. It is a universal human behavior used to answer questions about things that are beyond their comprehension. Those who do not believe in a supernatural religious idea are often still caught in the teachings of such religions as economics and government. Supernatural religions are just a culturally learned and passed down idea of how the world works and what happens when you die. Nothing about religion is a mental illness it's all just commonly accepted lies.

  • No Buddhism is not made up, It is the answer to the worlds problems!

    Guys im a staunch buddhist with high moral integrity and I can confidently say that if you don't follow buddhism you are definitely going to hell. I dont mean to scare you guys or incite any sort of Trouble but of course all region in some way shape or form is influenced or even derived mostly from man, this is not to say that there is a possibility of some sort of divine intervention which would influence them to create a religion of some sort.

  • Religion is a choice.

    Who are we to say someone is mentally ill, or trying to control the greater population for believing in something? It is a conscious choice that each person makes. In the end it comes down to you and what you truly believe in your heart. No one can ever FORCE that decision, therefor religion couldn't possibly be controlling.

  • The keyword here is RELIGION.

    At no point is there any reference to any specific religion, god, or even belief set. Religion is simply an organized set of beliefs regarding the natural and the supernatural. To argue that religion is a control mechanism is to also argue that philosophy is a control mechanism. Now, if you were to say that religious leaders are controlling, or ask for an opinion on that, I'd say yes. However, you ask if religion in itself is made up to control people. I say no. Most people probably automatically think of the Judeo-Christian religions, without remember the eastern religions and the animisti/Pagan religions. They are still religions, however, there is no concept of intercession. The idea that someone has to act as a medium between this world and another is the control mechanism. Can religion be used to control people? Yes, just like any other belief system, but religion does not in and of itself focus upon control.

  • Only if you don't think about it.

    The people preaching the religion believe it just as much as the people following it, if not more. Such a conspiracy, across tens of millions of religious leaders from many religions across all of history, the vast religious bureaucracies that have run religion, something like that wouldn't have remained secret. You would have people whistle-blowing daily. Across thousands of years, something like that wouldn't still be in question.

    Such an idea is formed only in ignorance by people who don't take the time to understand one another. It's just as bad as Christians who say Atheist hate or reject God because they don't like being judged...

  • Religion is about freedom

    How does it control people? Religion is anti-control. It dictates that God is the highest authority, not any man. Religion dictates that one cannot be bought or bribed or scared into doing the bidding of another man, when what they're being asked is immoral.
    Atheism is about control, not religion. This is why the most fascist, destructive nations on earth have always had atheist leadership

  • No its not

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