Do you think that the media gives people negative thoughts about Africa?

Asked by: SegBeg
  • It most certainly does!

    The media only shows the poor parts of Africa when not all of Africa is like that. Of course these places need help but what about the poor in their OWN countries? How come they never show them or try to give any charity to THEM? Lots of places in Africa are actually very wealthy such as Nigeria and have you seen Lagos?
    The media makes Africa look like a poor, depressed and AIDS ridden place that NEEDS Western help. Not all of Africa is like that. The media makes Africa seem like a country when it is a CONTINENT. No wonder many ignorant people as you if you speak African. That's like asking someone if they speak Asian or European. We need the media to show the great features of Africa so more people will want to go there and not think it is infested with AIDS, overgrown by jungles, animals on the loose and lack of clean water!

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