Do you think that the United States and other Western countries can work together to bring down Hezbollah in Iran and Syria?

  • Yes, I believe that the United States, if working in unity with other Western nations, can work cooperatively to bring down Hezbollah in the countries of Iran and Syria.

    Yes, our nation combined with other Western allies, can successfully work together to bring about the end of militant Hezbollah activity in Iran and Syria. Despite recent political debates about allowing refugees access to Western nations, I believe protecting the innocent civilians of these nations is as crucial to ending militant activity as military action against militant groups. Similar extremist groups thrive off of public acts of terror, and keeping civilians safe while strengthening and removing corruption from local infrastructures are important pieces of eliminating terror threats. Working cooperatively with other nations is vitally important, especially in areas where Americans may be viewed as untrustworthy by locals.

  • Yes, nations can work together for peace.

    Yes, nations need to pool their intelligence agencies in order to work towards peace. Whether it's Hezbollah or any other group that resorts to violence to get their point across, there has to be a way to end the violence. There has to be a way for nations to unite and work for lasting peace. I believe in this.

  • Yes, the death penalty is justified.

    Keeping the most dangerous criminals housed for life in prison costs taxpayers a great deal of money. Many of these inmates can't be rehabilitated to the point where they're fit to live on the outside as members of society. Those that fall into this category and who show no remorse should receive the death penalty.

  • No, they made enough.

    No, they already made enough damages.There are powerful undercurrents in the ME,such as, brain drain,lower oil prices, Arab Spring, women's raised consciousness, weather changes, underemployment,fanatical extremism, intellectual thought, globalization, etc. These factors are powerful under currents that are stronger than the old paradigms like US, Israel,etc The people of the world should ask Western leaders and their allies: Why are you prolonging this war?

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