Do you think the African Union's new passport allowing free travel by citizens of all 54 member states is a good idea?

  • It will bring people together and strengthen the economy

    This will help to bring people across Africa together and strengthen their economies. Businessmen will not have to worry about borders. This will mean more investment both from within Africa and from other parts of the world. Tourism will also flourish. More people will want to visit Africa if they can easily cross the borders.

    African nations have been in poverty for too long. This idea may be what they need to prosper.

    As for concerns about security even with open borders statistically the risk to any given person of becoming a victim of a terrorist attack is low, lower than the risk of dying in a car accident. The African Union is wise not to allow emotionalism to dictate public policy.

  • Free Travel Is A Sign of Healthy Society

    Free travel between counties is a sign of a healthy, and growing society. The African Union is making a positive step in adopting one passport that would permit seamless transit for the citizens of its various member states. The European Union has a similar system, and it allows for free flowing commerce, culture and ideas among the various member states.

  • Free travel is good

    Yes, I think the African Union's new passport allowing free travel by citizens of all 54 member states is a good idea. If these states choose to unify in other ways, then their citizens should be able to travel freely among the countries in the union. Some may see it as a security risk, but that is a factor to be dealt with. It should not prevent freedoms.

  • It further enforces inequality

    Since borders will be open, most people will flock towards developed markets such as Johannesburg and Cairo. Those states will then have the burden of providing for all the extra people. In addition to that, the smartest people from each country will be going to those developed markets which strips the less developed countries of their talent

  • No, I do not thing the African Union's new common passport is a good idea.

    No, I do not think the visa-free common passport of the African Union is a good idea. The continent has several member nations that have been swallowed up by terror groups. Requiring visas for travel between the 54 nations on the continent was a way to keep groups from certain terrorist-controlled countries from freely traveling into other countries on the African continent.

  • No, the new passport is not a good idea

    Generally speaking, when there is such a collection of dangerous criminals running around certain areas, travel should be restricted. As it were, America has travel bans to certain countries when things are rough. The idea is to keep people from getting hurt, by limiting the amount of places they can go to get hurt. While some might worry that this jeopardizes our freedoms, I believe it is a stellar idea. Thus, I believe allowing free travel in such a tumultuous place is a dangerous idea.

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