• It explains a lot

    Scientist and theorist have looked at many different possible explanations as to how life was started. Out of every theory they have looked at, the big bang theory is the only one that comes close to providing an answer for every question. The only question that the big bang doesn't answer is, what started the big bang.

  • Theory Fits the Current Facts

    The big bang theory fits the current facts and observations made about the early universe. Galaxies are moving away from each other as if they started from a finite point in the universe. Telescopes have seen light that goes back nearly 13.8 billion years into the past. If our light-collecting instruments get even better in the next 10 years, more information may yield better clues as to how the early universe worked.

  • Yes, but we don't know exactly what that means.

    Anyone who has read the scientific data can understand that there was some sort of explosion that tossed our universe or at least our own solar system into being. However, that does not mean that we totally understand or will understand how or why this activity happened and what it means.

  • Yes, I do think its right

    I think its the best theory that is out there at the moment. If they find another one that puts this to rest. I would believe that over religion. The theory does have it holes, but I don't think anything was created in seven days. You can't take anything for fact until its proven.

  • This theory has the most validity.

    The Big Bang theory is correct. It has the most validity of any theory for the creation of the universe. In addition, it does not go against Christianity. It has been said that many phenomena in the world is created by bursts similar to the Big Bang. It would make sense for our creation.

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