Do you think the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should require labels for genetically modified foods and crops?

  • People should know

    I do not think the FDA should require GMO food to be labeled because it is necessarily bad to consume GMOs, but I do think people should be made aware of what they are consuming. There are so many GMO types that exist that it is impossible to know what you're getting

  • Consumers Need to Make Informed Choices

    The FDA should have labels for genetically modified foods and crops because consumers deserve to know where their food comes from. Consumers should be able to make informed choices as to what food they want to consume. Labels should reflect precisely what ingredients are in processed foods so that consumers know what they are eating and putting in their bodies. Sometimes, we don't want to eat genetically modified foods.

  • With the health concerns existing over genetically modified foods, it should be required on ingredient labels.

    Until the science and risk of GMO foods and crops is settled, this label should be required. If you choose to avoid them, you have a right to know which products contain them and which don't. It is a minimally invasive requirement for manufacturers. If they are truly a risk free food product, why not advertise them?

  • Yes, the FDA should require labels for genetically modified food.

    I think that FDA should require that food that are genetically modified are labeled accordingly. It only makes sense that if a company or business genetically modifies their food, there should be a label regarding that process. I think the public has the right to know and be able to decide for themselves if they want buy such foods.

  • People don't care.

    No, I do not think that the Food and Drug Administration should require labels for genetically modified foods and crops, because people are not that interested in genetically modified foods in order to require warning labels on it. Those who want to be trendy can voluntarily label their foods as non-modified.

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