Do you think the gender wage gap is a problem in the United States?

  • This is very present.

    The wage gap was over 5 billion dollars in difference in ct, according to nationalpartnership.Org! That number is outrageous, and is not to be overlooked. How can someone sit by and just let that happen? There is no reason for it, and this wage gap between men and women must be stopped now!

  • This problem has not vanished.

    It depends on what field you are in, but yes, there is still a gender wage gap in the United States. Yes, that gender wage gap is still a problem. Despite the strides made in the last three decades, women still make about 15 to 30 percent less than males doing the same jobs.

  • The wage gap isn't a result of discrimination

    It has been shown that there is a difference in the earnings between men and women. I don't think that discrimination has anything to do with these wage discrepancies. I think the difference has to do with biology - women take time off to have children - and to the differing kinds of work men and women take. I don't think there is a considerable wage gap when controlling for industry and position.

  • Women don't work as much.

    No, I do not think that the gender wage gap is a problem in the United States, because there are things that explain the gender wage gap. If women take time off of their jobs to raise a family, they are not going to advance like the men. Women can't have their cake and eat it too.

  • No, the gender wage gap isn't a problem.

    I do not think that the gender wage gap is a problem in the United States of America. I think that it is something that is being hyped by the media for political reasons. I do not see a problem with it. I think that if there is a gender wage gap it is because women just cannot go the same jobs as a man.

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