Do you think the Immigration Act of 1965 was the biggest mistake made in US history?

Asked by: garythomas025
  • With this Immigration Act, we have lots of Third World immigrants (legal and illegal) that are putting the white population.

    I am a paleo-conservative who believes in the ideals of the US before the 1960s. The Immigration Act of 1965 has put the Western culture of the US at risk. During the early 20th century, many immigrants came from Europe while limiting immigrants from the Third World (Africa, Asia, Islamic world, and Latin America). When the law was passed 50 years ago, you now have many immigrants coming from the Third World legally and illegally. I think that puts a risk at the white population of the US at risk in that they will become a minority by 2040. So, it is better to limit Third World immigrants and bring in more immigrants from Europe like we did back in the early 20th century in that way whites will not be a minority by 2040. I don't get why Third World immigrants want to move here while whites don't move to their countries.

  • I Don't Think So

    The biggest mistake in US history by far was its establishment. As an American, I believe all our history should not have been written in the history books of the world, and anything because of its birth is a bit of a mistaken, i sadly believe. I hope we can finally live up to our arrogant demeanor so, though.

  • You are an idiot.

    Slavery, the intentional slaughter and relocation of millions of native Americans, forcing Japanese citizens into camps during the holocaust, allowing lead to be used in nearly everything, the fight for women's suffrage, and the list goes on and on. So if you think that that was the biggest mistake in US history, then you're nothing but a racist bigot and the biggest mistake your parents ever made was not wearing a condom.

  • Heck no! It was a good law!

    While some people *WINK-WINK LOOK NEXT TO ME* think America must have a white majority, I say little will change for the worse if America begins to have a non-white majority. America was never a white nation and it never will be.

    The reason Europeans aren't moving here in droves like 100 years ago is because Europe isn't the hellhole it was 100 years ago anymore. Places like Poland, Ireland, and South Italy were pretty much like Afghanistan in terms of poverty. It's no wonder why they, and many immigrants from the Third World, moved here and continue to move here.

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