Do you think the majority of the world hates America (yes) or likes America (no)?

  • Everybody hates USA

    USA had resources and luck, so we dominated the market. We were rich, that's the reason why anybody likes US. Not because of culture or people. I have a couple friends of Europe and many born and raised in Asia. We all complain together how we think American morals are corrupted, teens are rude and trashy, and everything is going down.

  • I think we are liked

    I think that most of the world likes the United States as relations have gotten better. I think that America sets out a good image overseas, and most countries enjoy when Americans go visit overseas and share American culture with them. I think our reputation will only get better over time.

  • I Don't Think We're Liked

    I do not believe the America is well like across the world. Ten years ago we were known for over indulging and now we have many people who are in poverty who have never experienced it before. People from other faiths don't understand are weekly ritual of only be religious one half day a week either. Our throw away society lacks importance and it is broken and many people have grown to hate us over the last decade or so.

  • We rule pop culture.

    I think that the majority of the world likes America, because as much as they complain about us, they still like everything that we have. Coca Cola is literally all over the world. So is Justin Beiber. People still want to come here to visit, and get citizenship if they can. People still genuinely like us.

  • No, the majority of the world loves us.

    No, the majority of the world admires America and I know this because I've been all over the world. I've been everywhere from Vancouver, BC to Singapore, and everywhere I go, America gets a lot of love. Perhaps the leaders don't like us in some countries, but many people all around the world are envious of us.

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