Do you think the new Ghostbusters was awful (as a film) and blatantly feministic?

Asked by: themassesaredumb
  • It appears most (if not all) pre-release predictions were true

    Wow, just wow... Unfortunately I just wasted ~2 hrs of my life watching this crap. Is this what the 'new age crowd' likes? Attempted to be unbiased while watching the film...But it appeared very much in line for all the reasons those where 'hating' it prior to release. For all the counter effort against the claims of having a political agenda and pushing feminism, THIS IS EXACTLY what the film actually appeared to do.

    -The selected actors and subsequent acting were horrible; very over the top and 'cringe' goofiness
    -The whole premise was so blatantly anti-male, particularly white male
    --Seemed like every male character was portrayed dumber than **** or pure evil
    --Funny note, it seemed the female cast liked pretending they had a male genitals (just watch and see)
    -The overall feel of the movie was just silly, 'kiddish', and 'cringy'
    --Now that I think about it...This film reminded me a lot about the awfulness that was the last two Batman movies from the '90s (you know the ones, Batman Forever, and Batman and Robin)
    -This fits the 'value' of nearly every other remake attempt....Just pure crap

    Ha, best thing I've seed/read about... How much cash was sunk in PA and advertisement trying to push this crap and attempting to quell any criticism by labeling the critics as a misogynist. Ignoring the blatant, over-the-top anti-male vibe from the film... Other best part was the claim how this film set a new nostalgic for the current generation...Wtf...Who has the audacity to see a film will be nostalgic??? Doesn't that happen over time and based on the fanfare? We'll see... With such an obvious agenda, wouldn't surprise me a bit if the film's current ratings (surprisingly higher than expected) were fabricated.

    B/c I know 'it's' coming... First and foremost, I dislike the movie b/c it was badly directed and scripted. Second, the actors picked are horrid; acting was simply bad. Fine with an all-female cast, but for ****'s sake...Pick better actors. Third, when folks take a film, then shove an agenda in their face...It kinda angers them...And not want to watch or support the film out of spite.

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