• Of course!

    The royal family is a family to look up to, and many people actually care about them. I think it is a beautiful tradition and one of the most precious symbols there is for many countries in the word. So many countries are united thanks to them, and they are definitely proud of such a symbolic union.

  • Identity

    At the moment Britain's national identity is coming from the Royals. It's nice to have a stereotype that isn't some sort of Chav. Also they put Britain on the map. Would tourists come here to gloomy old Britain with a president drenched in rain? I don't think so. And they make us happy and bring us together.

  • The royal family gives the English people someone to look up to.

    I have read that there are magazines in England about Queen Elizabeth that come out monthly, with adoring articles about everything that goes on in her life. These magazines are devoured by a large number of the English people. The royal family makes the English people happy, and that is a good thing.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • The Royal Family creates a symbolic sense of unity, which is good.

    I grew up in Australia, and learned "God Save the Queen", along with our national anthem. The Royal Family were intrinsic to our national identity, as much a part of who we were, as a nation, as koalas and kangaroos. Largely symbolic, the Royal Family, nevertheless, forms a useful function in charitable works, raising funds and representing important causes. They are ambassadors, functioning in a non-political arena, whatever their personal views may be. They represent the nation's history and, in a rapidly changing political and social environment, a sense of continuity and community. The Royal Family is imperfect, yet that makes them, in some ways, dearer to the people, because they are human. They represent a little bit of fairy tale and honor, magic, and a belief that good and great are still possible.

    Posted by: MindlessDominick98
  • I do think that the royal family is a good thing, because it gives their subjects something to be proud of, without actually affecting the political system.

    I believe that the royal family is an important source of pride and inspiration. The world's continued fascination with them, despite the fact that they no longer hold any political influence, is a good example of their importance as figureheads.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • God save the queen

    William and Kate are bae e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e ee e e e e e e e e ee ee e e e e e e e ee e e e e ee e e e

  • Positive tourism for the UK never hurt anyone

    The Royal family is a good thing. Even though there may be occasional slip ups and "bad apples" in the Royal family, the philanthropy and wonderful resemblances to royalty establish a feeling of hope and confidence in members of the UK. Granted, I am US, but I think Barack Obama is treated the same way in ways.

  • It's called the United "Kingdom"

    Considering Britain's Government is a Constitutional Monarchy, established in the year 1688, and has prospered since then. Monarchs have performed deeds that improved the country and it's citizens. I will concede to the fact that some of them were unfit rulers, and used their power for selfish reasons. Yet there were Monarchs that possessed kindness, and fair sense of honor and justice. In times of war they would speak to the people personally rallying their spirits to push on and never give up. Take King George VI, he actually cared for people and wanted to help his country when it was threatened by Nazi Germany. Of course actual people in power like Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave speeches to rally the people too, but even they needed hope from the a Monarchs that rule alongside them.

  • Makes Britain great

    Britain is one of the few remaining countries in the world that has a royal family dating back to the founding of its country. It has led Britain to such heights that it once owned one quarter of the entire planet. They give Britain a face to their government and they show how classy and intelligent they can be.

  • Certainly, it is one of the defining features of Britain.

    We are one of the few Nations to still have a royal family and that is something to be proud of. They represent our Nation and I'm sure you want people to think that the Brits are hard working people who are polite and considerate and are prepared to die for our country, whereas in reality we some of us who just watch Jeremy Kyle all day and take advantage of the benefits system - if we take away the Royal Family and let people see that then they'd think we are pigs (even though that's 1% of us).

    When people think of Britain, 50% will think of the Royal Family and if we take that away it will also take away our identity.

  • Waste of money

    In todays society the British economy needs every penny. At the current time the Queen and her family enjoy luxury after luxury while the NHS and education systems suffer. The royal family as a whole are also undemocratic and have no real purpose. What is the point? The answer is clear. There is none.

    Posted by: rdfy
  • Get rid of the monarchy

    The royal family have no relevance to todays society. They cost far too much money and have no cares for the people in this country. So many sections of society have suffered the disabled, the unemployed, the homeless and not one member of the royal family have ever spoken out. They just expect us to pay out and they will continue to live their very privileged lives.

  • Retire the Royals

    We have a health service in crisis, people living on the streets and a ridiculous housing situation that makes one of our most basic needs, somewhere to live, one of the most difficult things to get. To have a section of society living in absolute luxury, paid for by ordinary people that are struggling to make ends meet is utterly obscene.

  • Retire the Royals

    We have a health service in crisis, people living on the streets and a ridiculous housing situation that makes one of our most basic needs, somewhere to live, one of the most difficult things to get. To have a section of society living in absolute luxury, paid for by ordinary people that are struggling to make ends meet is utterly obscene.

  • What have they done for the British people?

    I know that they have been around for hundreds of years but what is the point in them, what do they bring to the table for us, as the people of Britain.
    They might just do something but I don't believe that they do anything so special that they get to live so well off from everyone else when there are millions in poverty throughout the country.

    Posted by: Dren
  • There should not be a royal family.

    There are more important newsworthy things. Get them off the newspaper and magazine rack. I got sick of hearing about Charles and Di. We separated from the British monarch over 200 yrs ago, why do we still need to hear and read about them. Stop it already enough is enough.

  • Just don't get it

    Nhs cuts, pension crisis, families relying on food banks to feed their kids, tuition fee increase, increase to cost of living but no pay rise for most, eu referendum got us in a mess. But we've got monies for wars, trident and the royals. Yet foreigners who live here are vilified and supposedly stealing jobs and all on benefits are Scum apparently. What happened to less callous people running the uk! Where did they go? This is a class society and must change. Just because one is born Royal, doesn't make the, better than anyone else or worse. Unless these people are immortal? Doubt that so no I don't get the royal family at a time of social inequality.

  • Just get rid of it

    Attractions related to the monarchy bring in roughly 500 million pounds1 a year from overseas tourists, which we’re told converts into “a lot of sweet, sweet skrilla.€ To be fair, many of these attractions are physical buildings that presumably wouldn’t spontaneously combust if the monarchy was abolished, but the continuity of the Royal Family helps keep them relevant.

    Two significant tourism attractions that weren’t made of brick and mortar were Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding, and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The former brought in an estimated 620 million pounds, while the latter was believed to have injected 10 billion pounds into the British economy. Think of all the tea, crumpets and other hackneyed British stereotypes that could buy! The Jubilee was a massive success for British tourism — the country could have announced the Year of Free Chocolate and Sexual Favors and brought in less coin. More weddings and anniversary celebrations will come in time, which means more big bucks are on the horizon.

  • Doing a speech

    I am doing a speech on why the royal family is not that good and am getting info that people believe it is not fair that a random person is queen without doing anything to get that title. It is important that we fix this as people are complaining about it.

  • I <3 the queen

    I ran away when i was with my mum at buckingham palace and a wee old wifie tapped my shoulder and went "im elizabeth from the block, want a line?". I asked her if she had a note and her face was imprinted on it and i realised the queen was asking me to do drugs with her.

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