Do you think the team protest by the Seattle Seahawks had a role in how poorly they played?

  • Yes, I do.

    These protest are solving nothing. It just gives the media pointless news to report about. How about you go and get involved with the people and community and try to fix things. I suppose it's just easier to spend 30 seconds "protesting" and then get on with the real business of making yourself richer rather than devote hours of your life to making improvements in the world.

  • No, the team protest did not effect the Seattle Seahawks

    The team protest was a united event during the national anthem to show their awareness of racial conflict and police brutality. It may have been a distraction for some members of the team but it did not impact their performance. Members of the team, some coaches and staff were all unified in their message. The game itself is based on skill and performance and the team needs to improve in other ways.

  • No, the cost is too great

    No, the death penalty is not justified. It is far to expensive to maintain. While many people think "taxpayers shouldn't pay to house criminals," it actually takes more public dollars to resolve a death penalty case with its years, sometimes decades of appeals. Lawyers, judges and courtrooms are tied up for long periods of time arguing death-penalty cases, wasting far more public resources than cases involving life in prison. The money spent on maintaining the death penalty can be better allocated elsewhere.

  • No, the protest was not relevant.

    The protest was not relevent to thier playing skills. If anything, the protest merely was a show of solidarity and an example of how well they work together as a team and trust each other. Unfortunatley their playing skills were not as good as the other team, and they did not have as much luck.

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