Do you think the Treaty of Paris, which ended the Spanish-American War, was unfairly favorable to the United States?

  • Treaty Of Paris

    I personally think that the Treaty of Paris which ended the Spanish American War was unfairly favorable to the United States treating them horrible during as well as before the war. I personally think that the Treaty of Paris which ended the Spanish American war just mad matters worst with the United States.

  • Yes,hands down America made out

    It was a total win for the US.The US gained lots of colonies,but nothing in Africa. These included Philippine's,Guam and Puerto Rico. The fact is that the Spanish were losing, they had to give up more to allow the treaty to be fair. It worked out for the US in everyway and form.

  • The US got the better deal from the Treaty of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris awards more things to the US. That is because the opposition was losing. A great strategy for war is to stop it once you are losing. If a conflict is not going your way, it is better to sacrifice some losses and keep what you have left. That is why the US had a favorable outcome.

  • The Treaty of Paris did not favor Americans

    The Treaty of Paris did not favor the United States completely. It favored many countries that were in involved in the war, as well as the Spanish. The Island that the Spanish controlled were returned back to the United States. As of today, those nations are Independent, so the Americans are not really controlling them as they used to be. Plus, America has always had good intentions in helping other nations.

  • The Treaty of Paris was not unfair.

    The word 'fair' implies some inherent good or evil on the part of the two participants. Spain was an old colonial power, dedicated to taking by force from other people. The USA was the up and coming colonial power taking from the old power by force. When Butch Cassidy robe the Dalton gang, who is in the right? The answer is nobody and the victims of the thieves are still as miserable as they were. It can be argued that the people of the Philippines were better off under the USA, but that is a different debate.

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