Do you think there is enough evidence to punish Peyton Manning for the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs?

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  • The Accuser has Already Confessed

    As of today, December 27th, the accuser who brought the story to full media attention, has admitted that he lied about the 'facts' of Peyton Manning's use. Currently, Manning has also stated that he does NOT or has EVER used the Performance Enhancing Drug, and that his accusation of his wife as being a counterpart in this, is also incorrect. A recent break in the story, has proven that no punishment will be necessary because there was never any use.

  • No, this Peyton Manning PED accusation is fabricated

    The accusation that Peyton Manning used Performance Enhancing Drugs, such as Human Growth Hormone or steroids, has been revealed to be fabricated by the accuser. It was likely a ploy for attention. Peyton Manning has begun the process for suing the accuser for defamation in response to the accusation. Unless concrete evidence is revealed, Peyton Manning should not be punished.

  • There is not yet sufficient evidence to punish Peyton Manning for use of performance enhancing drugs.

    Peyton Manning should not be punished for use of performance enhancing drugs until a full investigation has been completed. Manning has had a remarkable career and while accusations of this nature are damaging, he deserves to have every opportunity to defend himself and answer any allegations of wrongdoing. No one, including professional athletes, deserves to be accused and penalized without a full investigation and irrefutable evidence of misconduct. At this point, any accusations are mere gossip and must be supported with testimony and evidence before any punitive action is taken.

  • No, there isn't enough evidence.

    How can anyone really know for sure if Peyton Manning used Performance Enhancing Drugs. It's impossible to be sure with only the evidence that currently exists. Were you there with him when he injected the stuff? Did you see it happen? No! The media is just blowing everything out of proportion as usual.

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