Do you think Tony Blair's actions make him guilty of war crimes?

  • Yes, Tony Blair is gulity of war crimes

    It has been revealed that in fact the Bush administration knew that there was no connection between Iraq and the attacks of 9-11 and that Saddam Hussein never had weapons of mass destruction as the American government led the entire world to believe. Tony Blair of course knew the truth, yet went on to support and engage his country in illegal acts of war right alongside the US and other coalition forces, this makes him guilty war crimes.

  • NO, of course not!

    Presumably you refer to Iraq? Perhaps to Afghanistan? There were very good reasons for both of those actions. Blair also had Parliament's permission. Re UN resolutions - there had been 12 in as many years. Saddam ignored them all. The UN failed. Blair (& Bush) didn't. He is a hero.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that he is guity of war crimes. When you are in a war, you are going to do things that you normally would not to. I think that he was just doing everything that he could to survive and get by, and bad things were gonna happen.

  • No, Tony Blair is not guilty of war crimes.

    While Tony Blair did, indeed, support President Bush and his unconstitutional and unjust invasion of Iraq, he is not guilty of war crimes. If one looks at his entire career, he has done great things including the actions he took in Serbia. The UK did support the war in 2003, but the Americans are mostly at fault.

  • No, he shouldn't be.

    Tony Blair, like every British Prime Minister since the end of World War Two basically kowtows to the United States at every opportunity possible. This is for both war and foreign aid. Blair was just basically George W. Bush's puppet and did not have much choice in the matter with war.

  • He worked with Bush.

    No, I do not think that Tony Blair's actions make him guilty of war crimes, because the United States and the United Kingdom had good cause to go into Iraq and Afghanistan. There was actually a large coalition of a number of countries that were involved in these conflicts. Blair did not act without authority.

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